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We asked a few of our AVID students about the program, and this is what they said:

By March 12, 2021April 26th, 2021Student Spotlight

This year, we partnered with Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID). You can learn more about the program here. But to sum it up, AVID is a nationally renowned program that helps students prep for life after high school and even earn some credits toward college in the process.

Although it’s new for us, we’ve already had several students enroll. To help our other students learn more about what it’s like to be an AVID student, we asked a few students some questions. See below.

Meet Esther and Amberle, Two AVID students at iSucceed

We talked to Esther S. (pictured left) and Amberle F. (pictured right), two awesome students here at iSucceed. Here’s what they told us about AVID.

What interested you about the AVID program?

“As soon as I was told that I could meet with peers and meet with them to help each other with school, I loved it.” – Esther S.

“I love working with people, that is one thing that I’ve always missed being an online school student, so when I heard about the collaboration of AVID I was hooked!” – Amberle F.

Since joining, what skills or resources have you learned?

“I have found AVID very useful. Working with my peers and being able to learn from them is so nice. It will help me in college and work being able to work better with others and split the work up. Learning how to work to find the answers to a problem.” – Esther S.

“My advisor has been very helpful with my plan for the future. She has helped me with some things that I need to have in place before I graduate that I would have never known about.” – Amberle F.

One component of the AVID program at iSucceed is the group participation projects. What are your thoughts on that, and how has it worked out for you?

“There is something about talking to other students that understand what you are going through that makes it easier to do projects.” Amberle F.

What our teachers and counselors think:

What was it about the AVID program that made you decide on bringing it to iSucceed?

“It has a good track record of producing successful students. Also, I felt we could use the AVID program as a vehicle to help better prepare our college-bound students and to help them earn scholarships and Advanced Ops monies.” – Clayton Trehal, principal

Is there something that you believe would convince more students to join, if they only knew about it?

“I think the biggest hurdle is that it’s an extra commitment. We offer it as a 4th course, and it also has live class requirements that our normal courses don’t. I think many students can get a little freaked out about that, but if they stick with it, they’d find that the course is not too hard and that the live class/learning team requirements are beneficial.” – Clayton Trehal, principal

What do you enjoy most about teaching the AVID class/program?

“I enjoy teaching the AVID elective and seeing students apply the strategies they learn in AVID in their core classes. They are taking more rigorous courses and continuing to be successful while pushing their limits. Collaboration is also a huge part of our AVID program and I love seeing our students work together. Taking online classes can be isolating and make it hard to build relationships. Our AVID students are now meeting up online and in person on their own time to socialize and help each other in classes.” – Tara Downs, guidance

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