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Idaho State Testing (ISAT)

23-24 Testing Information, Registration and FAQ

The Idaho State Department of Education requires all 7th, 8th & 11th grade students to complete the Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT).  The test subjects are Math, English Language Arts (ELA) and Science.

iSucceed Virtual Schools will provide an in-person test throughout the state of Idaho.  Please note: the State Department of Education has removed the option for remote testing. All testing must be in person.

Steps to take NOW

  1. Review this informative ISAT letter
  2. Review the Testing Schedule and find your best option
  3. After determining your test location, schedule your appointment by clicking on your chosen location below

Mon-Thur, April 8-May 2
iSucceed District Office, Boise

April 24 – April 25
Fairfield Inn & Suites, Burley

April 15 – April 19
Springhill Suites, CDA

April 15
Super 8 Hotel, Grangeville

April 29 – May 3
Fairfield Inn & Suites, Idaho Falls

April 16 – April 18
Holiday Inn Clarkston/Lewiston

April 23
The Depot, McCammon

April 23
Mountain Home Library

April 29 – May 3
Fairfield Inn & Suites, Nampa

May 2
Payette Library, Payette

April 15 – April 18
Holiday Inn Express, Pocatello

April 22 – April 24
Best Western Ponderosa

April 22
Cobblestone Inn, Soda Springs

April 22 – April 26
Townplace Suites, Twin Falls

April 25
The Wallace Inn, Wallace

I need a different option. Please email [email protected]

Next Steps

  1. On your scheduled test day, arrive at your test location by 9am (unless otherwise stated)
  2. Complete your tests
  3. Results will be mailed mid-June when we receive them from the state

You must make your testing appointment before March 30 to avoid being locked out of your Quarter 4 classes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I took the ISAT already. Why am I being told to test again?
    1. The ISAT test is required at several grade levels: 7th, 8th and 11th graders take the ISAT.
    2. You may have taken the Interim (practice) ISAT in November or March. The practice ISAT is not the same as this required ISAT.
  2. I already registered for the SAT, why am I receiving this notice on the ISAT?
    1. The SAT (College Board college entrance exam) is not the same as the ISAT (Idaho State Achievement Test). They are different tests.
  3. None of the test locations are near me. What do I do?
    1. We do our best to meet students where they are, but Idaho is big and we can’t go everywhere. You’ll need to test at your local brick & mortar school. Please reach out to that school and inquire with them about testing. You’ll also need to notify us of your plans at [email protected]
  4. Is this test required?
    1. Yes. The State of Idaho/State Department of Education requires all students identified to test to complete the ISAT.
  5. Do I  need to complete my tests in one day?
    1. Not necessarily. If your chosen test venue/location has more than 1 day available, you can choose to test over two days. If you know that you’ll need two days to test, we encourage you to make two ISAT appointments. If your chosen venue/location only has 1 test day available, you’ll need to complete your tests that day.
  6. I signed up for ISATs but I’m not receiving the reminder emails.
    1. The reminder emails will go to the PERSON who made the appointment. If parent/guardian made the appointment on behalf of the student, reminder emails are going to that person and/or the email that was provided in the appointment app.

Thank you,

iSucceed Staff
School Office: (208) 375-3116
[email protected]