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Program Overview

All students that attend iSucceed are considered full time students and enrollment is available to 7-12th grade students in the state of Idaho. Students must be under the age of 21 to enroll. Students may additionally enroll part-time with another public school upon approval and collaboration with the iSucceed School Counselor.

  • Take 3 classes per 8-9 week quarter (4 courses with school counselor approval)
  • Complete 100% online coursework from any location and any time of day
  • Interventions supports students to stay on track in courses and improve academic outcomes
  • Credit recovery program and planning
  • Connection to Advanced Opportunities programs
  • Idaho’s only online AVID program to support college and career-ready skills
  • Early graduation planning
  • Schoolwide Title I programming and special education services
  • Receive ample support from teachers and advisors during weekday business hours
  • High school graduation planning and checklists
  • Connections to college and career programs such as Dual Credit and career pathways both online and regionally
  • Summer school program for at-risk students (tuition free) and summer offering for students keeping on track or getting ahead
  • Upon graduation, students earn an accredited diploma recognized by universities, colleges and employers nationwide

Student Life & Clubs

Events, clubs and social activities are an important part of your high school experience. At iSucceed, we work hard to provide these elements for students who enjoy the social experience and don’t want to lose that when starting an online school. We promote regional in-person events throughout the year for both academic help and social interaction. Students also enjoy a shared online space with students and faculty with a school newspaper, years and participate in discussion. Participation is always optional, but encouraged!

Student Events

  • Weekly Study Labs
  • Pizza & Study Events
  • Regional Social & Holiday Events
  • End of Year Events
  • Annual Graduation Ceremony

Types of Student Clubs Available

  • Yearbook Club
  • National Honors Society
  • Book Club
  • Parenting Club
  • Falcon Times Newspaper Club
  • Student Council
  • Movie Critics Club
  • Art Club
  • Music Appreciation Club
Students Reading at the Library