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Schoolwide Title 1

iSucceed offers a Schoolwide Title I program. What does this mean for you? This means students and families receive intensive support from the teachers and staff to work towards their goals. It also means we see the education experience as a partnership or “compact” between the home and the school.

Commitment & Homeschool Compact

Online school can be very different from traditional school. It requires communication, self-motivation and planning. Here is what to expect when you enroll in online school:

Communication: Communication is key in an online school. Teachers and staff will be contacting you regularly. Contact from the school will be through a variety of methods regarding your academics, school events/requirements, and you are expected to respond as appropriate. Check emails daily during the week (including your iSucceed gmail you will be provided). Ask for help when you need it. Remember we are here to help!

Coursework Recommendations: Just like traditional school you still have a weeks’ worth of coursework but you will have the freedom to complete it within your own schedule. Consider working 5 out of 7 days each week (or 4-5 hours each day), 4 lessons per week in each class or make a schedule that works for you in order to keep on track. Some students work on one class each day (ie, math on Mondays!)

Help and Support: Teachers provide online labs each week in the core subjects. Elective courses have additional supports for students as well. Your teachers provide “notes” in the classes to guide you through your lessons. If you need help, you should email or message your teachers.

Student Supports

iSucceed has a very strong communication outreach and supports for students.

Student-Teacher Contact: In the online world, communication between students and teachers is very important but can happen in a variety of ways. Course teachers reach out to students via phone, email, texts and through the course in addition to maintaining office hours with most of their time dedicated to working with students individually.

Advisory Teachers: Each iSucceed student has an assigned advisory teacher that serves as a school liaison and is there for additional student/parent support.

Attendance/Engagement: at iSucceed students are free to work on their schedule, but are required to meet weekly lesson completion requirements to stay on-target with course progress. Teachers and staff work with students and parents weekly and as needed to track progress and to help students stay engaged with coursework.

Positive Supports: iSucceed staff and teachers start the support process from the regional in-person orientation to the frequent interactions online throughout the term. We like to recognize academic achievement and goal setting, take a comprehensive approach in getting to know students and families.

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