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Graduation & Requirements

iSucceed uses the minimum credits required by the state of Idaho (46 credits) and meets all other graduation requirements. Students must enroll for at least one quarter to graduate with iSucceed.

iSucceed 2021 Graduation

Subject/Requirement Credit Requirement
English 9 (8 must be English, 1 must be speech)
Math 6 (2 student choice)
Science 6 (2 must be Lab Science)
Social Studies 7
Health 1
Humanities 2
Electives 14
Senior Projects  1
Completion of the Civics exams
Completion of the ISAT exams

Because of our flexible schedule, some students will have the ability to graduate early if they are committed to a rigorous schedule. Every year, we work with students who want to graduate early (anywhere from one quarter to two years!). This is an excellent opportunity for students who want to start college sooner, who want to take care of their family, or even those who want to go into their trade of choice earlier. Graduates who complete a full year early (or two) will have access to a $1,200.00 scholarship (per year early) to be used towards any accredited college/university in Idaho.

Graduation Ceremony
Our students don’t miss out on this exciting tradition! iSucceed does hold an annual graduation ceremony. Our students graduate all throughout the year but our ceremony takes place at the end of the school year and all graduates are invited. The graduation ceremony is in Boise. A second ceremony may be held in North Idaho depending on graduates interested.

Standardized Testing
iSucceed students are required to participate in the same statewide tests that students at traditional school take. Staff and teachers work hard to make testing as stress free as possible by coordinating and proctoring these tests regionally. Students will be required to attend their regional testing location or find their own alternative location.

Required Tests
All 7th, 8th and 11th grade students are required to take the ISAT exams
For practice exams:

All 11th grade students are given the option to take the SAT exams.

All students are required to take the Civics exam prior to graduation.