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How Does it Work?

We find that many students and parents are interested in the idea of online school, but aren’t quite sure how it works, or if it is right for them. If you still have questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us at (208)-375-3116.

What type of students enroll online?

iSucceed is an excellent option for any student seeking an alternative to traditional school. Our students vary in many ways and we don’t have any ‘typical’ student. Here are some examples of students who excel at iSucceed.

  • Employed Students
  • Students with a child(ren) or other family responsibilities
  • Students with health concerns
  • Professional athletes
  • Students struggling with peers and/or bullying
  • Students interested in early graduation
  • Expelled and/or students who drop out

Can I interact with classmates?

iSucceed students live all over the state of Idaho but they have access to online discussions in their courses, virtual clubs and activities with their classmates. For students interested, we also offer regional student events and study sessions which are announced every term, and hosted by teachers and staff. Additionally, we also have an annual end-of-year party for students in the Treasure Valley and other areas based on interest.

What if I don’t have a device or laptop?

Students who do not have access to a personal laptop or computer may request a loaned Google Chromebook. During the enrollment process, students can inform their enrollment advisor that a laptop is needed, and the enrollment advisor will work with each student to complete the required paperwork. The laptop is for school purposes and must be returned to the school at the time of withdrawal or graduation.

How do students take classes?

All of our courses are 100% online, and students can access courses through any computer or laptop. Courses are open 24/7 allowing plenty of freedom to log in and complete work whenever and wherever students are able.

Students log in to their courses through the student portal.

What about textbooks?

Students don’t have to worry about heavy textbooks while at iSucceed. The text for each course is worked into the online classroom. While working through courses, students will be required to read the material within.

What if I have questions?

Even though we’re an online school, we still have actual teachers! Teachers have office hours and are available within those time frames to communicate with students and parents. They can also be reached as needed via numerous methods, including email, phone, instant messenger, text and web cam chat.

Can parents see grades and progress?

YES! Parents are able to login and see grades and progress 24/7 using the Student/Parent Login link and the credentials they set up at enrollment. This access allows them to see everything the students sees in their dashboard and courses. Parents and/or guardians are strongly encouraged to use this student/parent portal regularly to ensure that their student is completing work, passing classes, and working towards graduation.