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Camila Summers

Naomi Shartzer

Bethany Cook

iSucceed gave me the opportunity to earn my credits before I turned 21 to be able to get a diploma. Before, I had been doing homeschooled books, but I wanted an accredited diploma to go to college.

I chose iSucceed because I liked how it was broken down in quarters instead of semesters. I am a person who loves change; new classes every quarter makes it more exciting and fun for me.

I like how easy it is to talk to the teacher with any time you need help. Another benefit is you can really go at your own speed. Through iSucceed, I have been able to work on getting the credits that I need to graduate. Which is amazing!

Esther SanchezStudent

I became interested in iSucceed because my sister really loved it and had a great experience. After hearing about all the awesome aspects of the school, I knew I really wanted to try it.

In public school, I found that teachers had little time and opportunity to give students answers when they need them, so getting one-on-one help was difficult. With iSucceed, the teachers’ sole purpose is to help you succeed and they are always there when you need them.

At iSucceed, I’ve been able to focus my education, realign my priorities and really enjoy learning. I’ve been able to retake classes, improve my GPA and take unique classes that you can’t take at any other school. Online school has taught me how to be responsible, make a successful schedule and be diligent.

McKaae CookStudent

I am grateful to all the teachers because they really care to help and are always very happy to help. It’s really easy to talk to the teacher with anything you are not understanding and need help.

Esther SanchezStudent

My son has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD. What an incredible difference iSucceed has made! The teachers and his counselor communicate regularly, and I feel like we are a team. He is doing much better in school and his confidence has improved greatly! Our home is simply happier now.


My favorite thing about iSucceed was the flexibility of the schedule, because I was really into piano and really into music but didn’t necessarily have the time do that when I was in a brick and mortar school.

Matthew2012 Salutatorian

I did what I thought I couldn’t do… I graduated from high school! If it wasn’t for iSucceed being there throughout my struggles, I would have received a GED instead of an Idaho diploma.