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Meet Connor Chapman, a sophomore set to graduate early

By November 15, 2019December 5th, 2019Student Spotlight

Since 2008, we’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of students earn their high school diplomas online. And in that time frame, we’ve seen thousands of incredible students who accomplish great things.

That’s why we like to take the time to shine light on just a few of our awesome students.

For example, Connor Chapman. He’s a 15-year-old on track to graduate early. Here’s how, along with a little more info about him:

Tell us about yourself!

I like to admire nature, and I enjoy reading and writing. I like the works of H.P. Lovecraft in particular. I love to learn new things, the more subjects I study the better. I love to be able to have an educated discussion on many different topics. I have a strange obsession with mechanical pencils, one can never have too many.

Looks like you’re dual-enrolled at Emmett High School; what class(es) are you taking at Emmett?

Currently, I’m taking Art 1, but starting Nov. 15th I’ll be in Art 2 and Painting. I’m also a part of the Art Club at Emmet High.

What are some of your goals after high school?

I’d like to go to University of Idaho. 

Why did you become interested in iSucceed?

I had just started at another online school and I didn’t like it at all. They wouldn’t let me go at my own pace. So I googled online schools in Idaho and iSucceed was the top result. 

Some students need a bit of time to figure out a system to be successful online, but you did really, really well your first quarter! What skills that you already had/have do you feel made the transition to online a bit more smooth for you?

I was enrolled in another online school for a week, and their system was a nightmare. So learning this one was easy. Also, the process of elimination is a good teacher.

Looks like you were able to test out of a bunch of classes; what background do you have that allowed you to get through all of that? It is pretty impressive!

I was homeschooled for a while so I was already familiar with the subjects I tested out of. The fact that they let me test is one of many benefits. And with the help of my teachers, advisor, and counselor, I have never been more academically successful.

When you started at iSucceed, what type of goals did you have in regards to your education?

Honestly, I just wanted a diploma at first. But now, I’m trying to get 32 credits in a single year!

Do you have any advice for new iSucceed students?

Yes, work hard, take breaks, sleep, and drink water. The only way to be successfull is to be determined and to take care of yourself. Also, everyone can benefit from a schedule.

“If students want to graduate early, they should take as many classes as they can handle without being overwhelmed. They should also look into Dual Credit courses.”

To learn more about graduating early with iSucceed, head here.

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