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How You Can Graduate Early Through iSucceed Virtual High School


At iSucceed, we believe in providing students with a personalized educational experience. That’s why we work individually with our students to help them achieve their academic goals. If you are a student looking to graduate early, iSucceed Virtual High School could be a great option for you.

Obtaining your diploma earlier than the standard four years is no easy task; it will take a lot of hard work. However, it is possible with iSucceed, and we’ll show you how below:

How to Graduate Early With iSucceed Virtual High School



Why are you more likely to graduate early with iSucceed than other schools?

How does iSucceed make graduating early more doable than traditional high schools? The answer: our quarter schedule.

iSucceed students typically complete three courses every nine weeks (two quarters add up to the traditional semester). Instead of juggling 6 courses at once, our students focus on just three courses at a time. This is a great model for reducing stress and improving retention. It is also a great model for helping students accelerate their graduation progress, as students can add on one additional course each block. By successfully completing three courses every nine weeks, you can earn six extra credits per school year!

How do I get started?

When you enroll with iSucceed, you will start with the standard three courses every nine  weeks. This is to ensure that the workload is not too much for you. Once you complete a block with good grades, reach out to your guidance counselor, and let her know you would like to accelerate your graduation progress. Once she approves, you will work with an enrollment advisor to add on the extra courses, and then you’re all set! Here are the steps again:

  • Step 1: Enroll with iSucceed. See how to enroll HERE
  • Step 2: Successfully complete one block with iSucceed
  • Step 3: Get approval from your guidance counselor to add on courses
  • Step 4: Work with an enrollment advisor to add on the extra course

Each year, hundreds of Primavera students graduate a full year early! While it takes a lot of hard work, it can open up a world of new opportunities.

  • Do you have a question for us? Share with us in the comments below or give us a call at 480.405.2703; we’re happy to help!


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  • Richelle Joanne Keate says:

    Why can you not add more? If we were able to do it, then how come we can’t. I have been doing four courses ever since I started and want to jump up. But you won’t let me. Look at what you wrote. How am I graduating much faster? What if I want to get done in two years? What is wrong with that if I am the one doing the work? If I get done early with my classes, then I will have nothing to do for a long time. So what is the reason I can not do more school?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Richelle. We recommend you talk to your guidance counselor and let her know you’d like to graduate earlier. There is a chance with approval, that you can add on more courses. Thanks for the comment!

  • Heather Carter says:

    Hello, my son is behind on some courses & I want to know can you help so he can graduate high school May 2021

  • Bria says:

    I’m counted as a freshman because I’m really behind in my credits I’m supposed to be a junior this year and I’m supposed to Graduate in the year 2022 can I graduate by next year with I succeed?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Bria. It could be possible to catch up and graduate on time, but keep in mind that you have until 21 years old to complete your diploma. To get started on catching up on credits with iSucced, you can fill out a form here or give us a call at 208.908.6250. 🙂

  • Alivia Lee says:

    If I live in Texas could I still go there this school?

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