Is Free Online High School Right For You?

By May 4, 2018May 7th, 2018Student Community

When you think of your favorite things to do, what comes to mind?

School, right?

OK, most likely not, we know. But school and learning can have its perks, especially when online. Seriously! For example, online high school is:

  • tuition free
  • 100% online
  • Classes last just nine weeks

Come on, what’s not to love? But the more important question: Is free online high school right for you?  We certainly hope so, but we’ll answer a few questions below to give you more information and hopefully help you make a decision.

How Does Free Online High School Work?

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You know that online school means saying goodbye to long days stuck in a stuffy classroom or outdated, graffiti-filled textbooks. Basically, you know what online school isn’t. So how does online school actually work?

Each weekday, you’ll log in and have a list of daily assignments and tasks to complete. Don’t worry, these courses aren’t stuffy. In fact, they are filled award-winning multimedia, like animated lessons or videos to help you stay engaged. You can learn more about our curriculum here.

Study from the comfort of your home or get some fresh air at a coffee shop. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can study wherever you want.

Does iSucceed Have Online Instructors?

iSucceed has highly qualified teachers.  Our state-certified teachers are dedicated to not only helping our students earn their diplomas but truly master concepts along the way.

While it could appear as though online schooling creates a barrier, we actually find that it opens the portal to more communication and personalized support.

Students can easily contact teachers via email, phone calls or instant messaging within the online classroom itself. For those students who are ‘too shy’ to raise their hand, this method of communication can reduce anxieties and make them more willing to ask for help.

It’s not fully dependent on the student to ask for help. Teachers stay in touch with their students regularly to make sure they pinpoint struggles and help them excel academically wherever possible.

In many cases, our students report that they communicate with their teachers more here than in a traditional school setting.

Does Online School Allow for a More Flexible Schedule?

Yep! That’s the beauty of online school!

Because it’s 100% online, you can choose when and where you complete coursework. So, if you have morning practice a part-time job or family obligations, you can fit online school into your schedule.

What Courses Does Free Online High School Offer?

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iSucceed is an accredited public charter school. This means that we offer all core classes needed to graduate. All the math, science, history, English and other courses you have to take in order to earn a diploma, you’ll find at iSucceed.

We also offer some exciting elective courses, so you can learn something exciting and new you wouldn’t at your current traditional school.

Check out our courses here.

What if I Need to Catch up on Credits?


Because iSucceed works through a quarter schedule, meaning three classes every nine weeks, it’s a great option for recovering credits. Students who obtain counselor approval can enroll in additional courses every quarter to help them earn up to four extra credits each school year.

If you are needing to catch up on more than four credits, consider enrolling anyway. We work with students who are credit deficient in order to help them become ready to earn a high school diploma. You can learn more about that here.

iSucceed Virtual High School Qualifications

 In order to enroll with iSucceed Virtual High School, students must be:
  • Under the age of 22 and in at least the ninth grade

  • An Idaho resident

Essentially, as long as you are about high school age and live in Idaho, you likely qualify to attend high school online with iSucceed.

If iSucceed is sounding like it might be a good option for you, give us a call! Our enrollment advisors are happy to answer any other questions you have.


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