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Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremonies

By May 29, 2024Student Events

Congratulations to iSucceed’s Class of 2024! We are incredibly proud of your dedication, hard work, and perseverance throughout your time with us. It’s been our privilege to support your educational journey with a rigorous and personalized approach.

As graduation day approaches, we’re thrilled to celebrate your achievements. To help you prepare and share in the excitement, we’ve compiled the necessary details below. Read on to get ready for the big day!


Graduation Ceremonies

This year, we’re excited to announce two graduation ceremonies. The first will be held on Saturday, June 1, at the Brandt Center. This commencement will feature 163 graduates. Our second ceremony will be held on Monday, June 3, in North Idaho, and will have 22 graduates participating.

We have also had many students who graduated early and earned college scholarships. Congratulations to each and every one of you!


What’s Next?

So, you’ve made it to graduation! What comes next? Whether you’re planning to attend college, start a career, or embark in family life, now is the perfect time to connect with our counselors. They are ready to support you through this transition and ensure you have the resources you need for life after school.

Again, congratulations to the Class of 2024!

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