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Getting to know your iSucceed teachers

By October 5, 2021Uncategorized

Our students couldn’t succeed (nor could we) if we didn’t have our amazing teachers. So, we asked a few teachers to help us get to know them, although we wish we could include every teacher!

Get to know a few of your amazing iSucceed teachers below:

Mr. Joe Rollins, social studies teacher

“I love to camp and fish with my wife and our dog Gracie.

I wanted to be in on the leading edge of education – which is working at an online school!

For my students, I just want them to know: Never give up and never give in! If you work hard, you can do it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we are here for you! You can succeed!!!!!”






Ms. Dawn Bird, math teacher

“I love anything that gets me outside: running, hiking, rafting, and skiing especially. I also really like to cook. I’m not claiming that I’m great at it, but there is something powerful in creating food for the people you love and that fuels our bodies.

A friend of a friend of mine works at iSucceed and she mentioned they were needing a math teacher. After learning more about the school, I realized that I fully agree with the school’s mission and teaching practices. I love our students and truly believe that our school can be a leader in the next wave of education reform.

One piece of advice for any student in an online setting is to communicate, communicate, communicate with your teachers. We can’t pull you aside after class and barrage you with questions like a teacher in a brick and mortar can. We do our best to call, text, and email you important information and helpful tips. However we can’t know the full story behind your work and your experiences at school unless you tell us. So tell us. We want to know your story, important or unimportant as you may think it is.”

Ms. Ginny Carroll, math teacher

I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast. I’m passionate about skiing (both downhill and nordic) in the Winter and running and Mountain biking in the summer…time spent in the mountains is time well spent.

I’ve been with iSucceed since the school’s inception. I came to iSucceed because I was looking for the flexibility that comes with online teaching, but I stayed because I’ve found it to be a challenging and rewarding career. The advances in online learning have been fun to keep up with and I really cherish my students and my colleagues.

I encourage students to seek help when they need it. High School teachers have chosen their specific area of study because it is a topic they are passionate about and they love to share their knowledge. I think students often feel that they are inconveniencing their teachers when they ask for help, but the truth is that most teachers find great joy in guiding students through the learning process.”

Mr. Chase Crook, science teacher

“I teach Environmental Science 🙂

Some of my interests and hobbies are to spend time with the family outside, farming, camping, riding four-wheelers/snowmobiles, and going to the cheap movie theater and eating popcorn!

I enjoy teaching students at iSucceed because first, THEY ARE AWESOME! In all seriousness, iSucceed students have so much things going on in their lives that is competing with their education but still they are chugging away showing that gaining an education is still number one and a priority in their lives.

If I had to share one piece of advice for my students at iSucceed, it would be to invest time now to learn the way that you (individually) learn best and then develop skills to help you become a life-long learner.”


Ms. Beverly Marshall, English teacher

For the first time in my teaching career, I feel like I have the PERFECT job. I get to help an at-risk population of students in person and online. It’s humbling getting to serve the variety of students I do. I am a firm believer that the traditional B&M system doesn’t work for all students.

By teaching for iSucceed, I get to serve a minority of students who deserve equal access to high quality education. I believe iSucceed provides very high quality education with a vast array of supports to help all students succeed. It’s truly an honor to be part of such an amazing school!!!!

I enjoy taking what can be a confusing concept, and making it not only understandable, but relatable to their own lives. In my experience, online students tend to feel pushed aside and don’t understand how amazing they are. I enjoy coming alongside them and encouraging them to succeed. I want to help online learning to be more tangible for students. iSucceed gives us teachers the support and accountability to do just that. 

To my students, I say reach out and ask every question you have. Know your resources. The Pages Tab has all kinds of supports in Courseware. The Syllabus Tab shows you every assignment and when it is due. The Grades Tab shows you all of your graded assignments and the zeros indicate what is overdue. Check and read your Announcements. There is important information for you there. Teachers don’t feel “bothered” when our students reach out with questions or need help on assignments. That is our job. We want to help you! Lastly, believe in yourself. You are AMAZING and you can succeed more than you allow yourself to think you can. Todos ustedes pueden hacerlo! (Every single one of you students can succeed!). 

Thank you, teachers!

To learn more about iSucceed faculty and staff, head here.

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