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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month With iSucceed

By September 15, 2021September 17th, 2021Student Community

Since 1988, America has celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month every September 15 to October 15. Do you know why or how it came to be? Read below to learn more on about the great, month-long holiday.

Why the September 15 Start Date?

There’s actually a good reason for Hispanic Heritage Month starting in the middle of the month: it’s an independence day for five different countries. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua all celebrate their independence anniversary on September 15 and a couple other Latin countries–Mexico, Chile and Belize–celebrate shortly after.

Countries Celebrating Independence During Hispanic Heritage Month

Countries Celebrating Independence Day During Hispanic Heritage Month
Costa Rica (Sept. 15)
El Salvador (Sept. 15)
Honduras (Sept. 15)
Nicaragua (Sept. 15)
Mexico (Sept. 16)
Chile (Sept. 18)
Cuba (Oct. 10)

Hispanic vs. Latino(a): What’s the Difference? 

Latino(a) only countries Both Hispanic only countries
All countries listed, plus Brazil, Argentina All countries listed, plus Spain,
Does not include Spain Bolivia Does not include Brazil
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Puerto Rico


Other Fun Hispanic Heritage Month History Facts

  • It began in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill extending it to a full 30-day period.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month was initiated to recognize the many contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States.
  • It also includes celebrating the long history of Hispanic and Latino influence, starting all the way back to the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Some Notable Hispanic Historical Figures

We have many Hispanic and Latino Americans to thank for their contributions. Here at iSucceed, we try to include as many of these figures as we can into our curriculum.

Below are Bio Cards you’ll find within our Social Studies courses. Click on them for a fun educational experience on just a few Hispanic Historic Figures.

    • Romualdo Pacheco

    • Simon Bolivar

    • Lorenzo de Zavala

    • Cesar Chavez

Three Ways You Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

There are several ways to get in the spirit of Hispanic Heritage! Here are a couple of our recommendations:

1. Read up on some history!

In fact, iSucceed has some great ways for you to learn more in our very own curriculum.
You can start by watching this video on Pancho Villa:

Or check out this iSucceed lesson to learn more about the LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens).

2. Attend an Event Near You

From summits to expos filled with yummy foods, there are a lot of community events happening throughout Idaho to attend! You can check them out on this website.

3. Try Some New Things

Maybe head to an authentic restaurant, try a new recipe or discover some music. You never know where you’ll find that next new thing you love!
We hope you take some time this month to learn and try new things. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our Facebook  and Instagram pages as we post more on Hispanic Heritage Month!

  • How do you plan to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month? Share with us in the comments below!

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