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Explore Idaho and enjoy your summer with these four fun ideas

Hey, students, you did it! You made it through the 20-21 school year. That was no simple thing you accomplished, so here’s some virtual high fives coming your way! 🙌

Now that you have the summer free to enjoy, we thought we’d share some ideas for you to have some fun before school starts again. And thank goodness we live in Idaho, because the amount of exploring and adventure to have here is endless, even if you’re not wanting to spend much!

Four fun ways to enjoy your summer in Idaho:

1.Enjoy a picnic with your family in one of many state parks

There are 27 state parks in Idaho, every one of them absolutely worth seeing. So, here’s a fun challenge: How many parks can you visit in one summer?

A few great picnic spots:

  • Eagle Island State Park—Eagle
  • Mcgee Picnic Site—Shoshone County
  • Three Devils Picnic Area—Idaho County
  • Kathryn Albertson—Boise
  • Idaho Falls River Walk—Idaho Falls


2. See how many hikes you can accomplish before Fall starts

We pretty much live in the land of hiking. Whether you want to tackle mountains or just go for a nice walk, there’s so much to explore. There are 680 moderate trails alone and 1,300 miles of the Centennial Trail alone!

A few simpler trails to start:

  • Oregon Trail Trailhead—Ada County
  • Hulls Gulch Trailhead—Boise
  • Tubbs Hill—Coeur d’Alene
  • Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge—Nampa area

3. Enjoy some of the world’s best huckleberry ice cream (in our opinion)

Idaho has some really cool, old ice cream parlors. And a fun thing about them: They feature huckleberry ice cream! Here’s a couple different parlors to check out in the state, old and new!

  • Ardy’s Bakery and Cafe—Coolin
  • Elk River Lodge & General Store—Elk River
  • Victor Emporium—Victor
  • Panhandle Cone & Coffee—Sandpoint

4. Have a family or friend dinner and movie costume night

If traveling doesn’t sound appealing (or possible), this idea is so much fun. Grab your family or friends and have a dinner movie night. Pick a movie, like The Avengers, and everyone dress up as one of the characters. Then, make food that goes with the theme, like maybe shawarma for Avengers? Or Harry Potter and homemade butter beer; whatever you can think up, do it!

We hope you have a great summer; see you soon!


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