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8 Questions About iSucceed Answered

By March 5, 2021April 26th, 2021Student Community

At iSucceed Virtual High School, we’re here to help! To let you learn more about online high school, we’ve gathered the eight most commonly asked questions from our new students and answered them right here in this blog post! Check them out below.

1. Do you charge tuition?
No. iSucceed Virtual High School is a public charter school, and as such, is completely tuition free for all 9–12th grade students in Idaho.

2. What classes does iSucceed offer?
Because iSucceed is a fully-accredited public charter school, we offer the same core courses as traditional Idaho schools. We also have a great variety of elective courses for students to choose from!

3. I need to catch up on credits. Can iSucceed help me?
Absolutely! In fact, catching up on credits is much more doable at iSucceed than at most traditional schools. iSucceed follows a Quarter Schedule with an average of three courses every nine weeks. However, our guidance counselor is happy to work with students needing to recover credits, allowing them to add up to two extra courses every quarter to get back on track quickly.

4. Can I work at my own pace?
This answer is another: absolutely! Because we are 100% online, students are able to complete coursework assignments on their own schedule, allowing you to take the time you need to master every course subject.

5. What if I don’t have a laptop?
No worries! We’ve got you covered. Every student at iSucceed can receive a school provided laptop free of charge to them during their time at iSucceed. For more information, head to our web page.

6. How will I communicate with my teachers?
Faculty and staff at iSucceed are highly qualified and dedicated to helping you! Teachers will communicate with you every week through phone calls, messages, synchronous sessions, email, blogs and discussion boards. Many students report that they communicate more here than they ever did with their teachers in a traditional school.

7. How will I make friends at iSucceed?
Making friends at iSucceed is actually pretty simple! We have a Parent Student Portal (PSP) for students to connect online and chat with each other in a safe inviting environment. We also host school events and hold a prom and graduation ceremony each year so that you will be able to interact with classmates both online and in person! For more information, check out this blog post.

8. How do I enroll?
Enrolling is just as simple! To start your online application, head to and fill out the info requested. From there, an enrollment advisor will work with you to help you finish the necessary steps to get enrolled. Check out our video, “How to Enroll at iSucceed” for detailed instructions.

Our next quarter starts January 25, but you can get enrolled today! For any questions, contact Candise Cole at 208.908.6250.

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