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Meet your teachers: Mrs. Holly Wood

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Behind every successful high school graduate are incredible, dedicated teachers. It’s no different here at iSucceed! Actually, because of the online platform, our teachers find more ways to help support students through their education.

That’s why we take some time to highlight our teachers, so our current students can learn more, and non-students can see how amazing our teachers are!

Above is a photo of Mrs. Holly Wood (awesome name, right?) in her old school uniform. Read on to learn more about some of her life experiences.

Meet your iSucceed teachers: Mrs. Holly Wood

Mrs. Holly Wood was born and raised in Idaho. Currently, she lives in Pocatello, and she grew up in Montpelier, just 15 minutes from Bear Lake.

One of the things she wanted to share with our students is that she knows–in her own way–what it’s like to change schools and feel completely out of your element.

As a teen, Mrs. Wood decided to study abroad in Africa.

“I spent my senior year of High school in Middelburg South Africa. It is 90 miles east of Johannesburg. I wore a uniform to school and had prayer and scripture read everyday. I had bible class, and there was no cafeteria at school. We didn’t have lockers; we had to carry our books everywhere with us. There wasn’t a school bus. We rode city transit bus to school if our parents didn’t take us. We had students who lived on campus and stayed Monday through Friday there.”

Mrs. Wood, iSucceed Teacher

After completing her studies in Africa and graduating high school, Mrs. Wood went to Idaho State University. Shortly after, she decided to teach in Achorage, Alaska for two years.

I taught at East High School in Anchorage, which is one of the most diverse school in the United States. It was an eye opener. You hear lots of different languages in the hallways.

Mrs. Wood, iSucceed Teacher

All of this diverse experience prepared Mrs. Wood for teaching iSucceed students, who come from all different walks of life. Although she says she misses face to face interaction at times, Mrs. Wood loves speaking individually with each student.

To excel in the online environment, Mrs. Wood has two pieces of advice: Have something you love at your desk (for her, it’s her plant), and make a schedule and stick to it.

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