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Meet your teachers: Ms. Tomkinson

By January 22, 2021January 29th, 2021Uncategorized

Behind every graduate are several dedicated teachers. We’re grateful to our iSucceed instructors, and that’s why we take a moment to shine the light on them.

How much do you know about iSucceed Virtual High School’s teachers? If you didn’t know that an online school would have teachers, you may want to start with this article.

This month, meet Ms. Tomkinson, an English instructor and College and Career Path Coordinator.

When Ms. Tomkinson isn’t teaching, you could probably find her running, reading, trying out new recipes or spending time outdoors.

Of course, Ms. Tomkinson has a passion for teaching and the English language, but she also cares about student’s preparation for post-graduation life–one reason that brought her to iSucceed.

“I wanted to teach English at the high school
level again, as well as engage with students and be involved in the process of preparing
for college, career and community involvement,” said Ms. Tomkinson. “I also want to be an influential part in
helping students explore options that will aid them in reaching their goals for life after
high school.”

Like our students (and most students at the moment!), Ms. Tomkinson works from home. Since she’s been such a great teacher, we asked her for some tips for our students:

“When working at home, I find it beneficial to have my own quiet space to concentrate. I stay organized by getting up early, planning my day,
and checking things off my list as I complete them,” said Ms. Tomkinson.

“The advice I give my students is to ask questions as soon as they come up, reach out to your teachers when they need help, and make a schedule and stick to it. I also tell them to try the 45/15 method (study for 45 minutes then take a 15-minute break and do something that requires getting up out of the chair).”

She may not say this, but we know that since coming to iSucceed, Ms. Tomkinson has made a big impact on many student’s lives. Here’s one story she shared with us:

“I met a young man and his mother shortly after they moved to Idaho from another state. They were looking into college options, but still needed to find a high school to enroll in so this student could complete his final year and graduate. I referred him to our school and got him enrolled in two college courses that will lead to a degree in the Computer Science field. He is well on his way to a solid career that will utilize his talents and help him gain valuable skills,” said Ms. Tomkinson.

We are grateful for all the work and dedication she provides to our students.

I love being a part if iSucceed and have found that the staff, teachers and administrators are all engaged in helping each student achieve their full potential. The collaboration among colleagues is a great asset and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Ms. Kim Tomkinson, English and College and Career PREPAREDNESS Instructor

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