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Talking to Your Parents About Switching to Online School

You’ve been Googling, trying to find a solution.

You finally think you have it, but now a new dilemma arises: How do I convince my parents? Many stop right there. They think, “My parents would never let me do that.”

You might be right. But you also might not be. Either way, it’s worth a shot.

Many students find that their parents are a lot more willing to listen than they think. If you do your research, and maturely talk with your parents, they will listen.

Too many times we hear, “I wish I could do online school, but there’s no way my parents would go for that!” If you’re wanting to go to online school, but not sure your parents would be on board, here are some tips:

1. Do Your Research

Your parents will want to know the answers to basic questions: Is it free? Will you earn a real diploma? What if you need help with homework? What about your friends? Other online schools will vary in these answers, so be sure to research. Here are our answers:

  • iSucceed is a tuition-free public charter school
  • We are accredited. This means you will earn a real diploma recognized by universities and employers.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and readily available to help.
  • We provide several ways for you to connect with students. Learn more here.
  • For other answers to common questions about iSucceed, head to this blog post.

If you come to the table with these answers ready, the conversation will go a lot smoother.

2. Pick an Appropriate Time

The timing of the conversation is important. You don’t want to bring it up while mom is trying to cook or dad is watching the game. Wait until you’re at the dinner table having a conversation. Or ask mom or dad for a time to talk together. That way, they will be ready to hear what you have to say.

3. Don’t Be too Negative on Your Current School

Chances are, you could hate your school. But focus on the positive opportunities, not the negatives of your current situation. You can certainly let them know you’re not enjoying school, but show them you’re seeking a solution. This is a more mature approach than complaining. If you go this route, your parents likely will be much more receptive.

4. Explain Why it Would be a Better Fit For You

What benefits do you like most about online school? Maybe it’s that you’ll get easier access to teacher help. Or perhaps you simply can’t get out of bed in the morning, and this will help you become more disciplined. Either way, think on it and let them know the benefits you see in switching to online school.

5. Gather Some Notes

Writing might not be your favorite, but it can really help. If you have notes gathered as to what you’d like to say, you’ll be more prepared and it might calm your nerves.

6. Remember, Your Parents Care About You

You might fight sometimes. Maybe even a lot. But we’re willing to bet that your parents are just trying to do what’s best for you. They care about your well-being and happiness. It can be scary, but if you approach them with a thought-out idea, they’ll hear you. It’s always worth trying!

  • Students, do you have tips for students wanting to switch to online school? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • James says:

    Hi I really dislike my school and currently I’m in middle school and if I were to talk to my parents about this do you guys also offer middle school education?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, James. At the time, we don’t currently offer middle school. But we certainly hope to see you for high school. 🙂

      • Haley says:

        Hi, i want to do online school because i have trouble in public school due to the fact of i dont like talking to people and i have a hard time getting along with them and i have asked my parents before when i was in middle school but they sayed no and now im just going into high school and they are manly worried about me socializing and me getting help when i need it.

        • iSucceed says:

          Hi, Haley. These are often concerns for parents, as they want what’s best for you. But teachers are actually more available to help in online school than traditional. Because they are available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. via email, phone calls and instant messaging. You can even have an online tutoring session with your teacher if you need. For socialization, you can chat with students online through our staff-monitored Parent Student Portal, participate in class discussions and attend in-person school events. We hope this helps. 🙂

      • Emily says:

        I was thinking of telling my mom to put me in charter I was supposed to go but my older brother held my mom back saying it’s no good but in my opinion it’s really best for me because I’m always at doctor visits I struggle a lot on trying to focus and i always stay behind and I feel like getting help from teachers easily will make it better

        • iSucceed says:

          Hi, Emily. It might be good to talk to your brother about the quality of iSucceed (and its awesome teachers) and how it would help you. Best of luck!

      • Alyssa says:

        Hi I’m Aly I’m doing online school bc of covid how do I let my parents think I should be homeschooled?

        • Jeff Bezos says:

          Just ask them to go back in person if you can if they say no then try talking to your teacher about

      • Helena says:

        Hi I’m Helena and I really struggle with getting along with other kids as well as being bad at math, and being depressed/anxious. I’ve tried to convince my mom but she says it’s be bad for me to stay Home alone all day.

        • iSucceed says:

          Hi, Helena. Thanks for reaching out. We have enrollment advisors who can review the specifics about attending iSucceed. If you would like to talk to them, please call 208.908.6250. They are here to help!

    • Cameron dennison says:

      Hi I have a few questions. My parents told me online schooling is very difficult and wouldn’t be any better than my high school teachers. I miss lots of school due to stomach problems and I’m in and out of hospitals an doctors offices a lot. They also say it is very very expensive. Any advice?

      • iSucceed says:

        Hi, Cameron. First off, iSucceed is tuition free. We certainly think our teachers are great; oftentimes, students report that they communicate with our teachers more than they ever did at their traditional school. The flexible schedule would certainly be a plus for your stomach issues. Best of luck! 🙂

        • Ciara says:

          Hi! So I’m in 11th grade in high-school and I’m social everything goes good except I’m not good at the school part.. I do all my work and projects and participate and still manage to fail my classes due to anxiety of failing, the work not sticking in my head, making me fail tests And I found lately the little things distract me… would online high-school be more beneficial and how would I get my parents to consider??

          • iSucceed says:

            Hi, Ciara. This article might help you find your answer. 🙂 Our teachers provide personalized support, so they can personally help you work through anxieties on your tests so you can potentially succeed!

      • Chloe Carpenter says:

        Hi, I am a freshman and in our school system, middle school is 7-9 and high school is 10-12. Anyways, there is a new high school being built in our town and everybody is very excited about it-except me. I’ve always had about 2 or 3 close friends and never been real social. I have severe anxiety that has made it very very hard for me to even remotely like school. I feel like online school would be the thing for me because it would help me not have the anxiety of public school, and with the bigger, new high-school, I know the anxiety will just be even worse. How do you suggest I convince my parents to let me do school online with the new high-school being built?

        • iSucceed says:

          Hi, Chloe. An honest, calm discussion about why you would want to enroll in online school is a great start. Also, make sure you do your research. Your parents will want to know if it is free, what the teachers and curriculum is like and what social opportunities are available. Best of luck! 🙂

  • I am desperate for help. I suffer from chronic pain, and going to school is absolutely miserable for me, I can’t even make it to school sometimes. I want to do online school but my parents don’t want me to become antisocial. How can I help them understand that it would be good for me?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Abbey. Sorry to hear, you might want to check out this story of a student in a similar situation to you. As far as socialization, we know how important that is. At iSucceed, you’ll be collaborating online with students on projects, you’ll join class discussions, there’s a staff-monitored chat to meet friends safely, and we always have fun events throughout the state to come join! We wish you best of luck and hope to see you soon!

  • Isabella says:

    Hi, I just started high school and I already don’t like it. I’ve brought up the idea of online school to my parents, and they have some concerns. The biggest one for them is how graduation works? Do I just get sent a diploma? Or do I go somewhere? Thank you!

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Isabella. Great question! 🙂 We hold various ceremonies throughout the state, where you would receive a diploma in person. If you’re unable to attend a graduation ceremony in person, we will mail your diploma to you.

  • Bella says:

    Please help me- I started high school a month ago and I’m experiencing the same thing in eighth grade: Chronic pain, mental illness. I barely graduated last year, and if I don’t go to high school everyday then I won’t graduate freshman year. For a year now I’ve begged my parents to let me do online school, but they yell at me saying it’s never going to happen. What should I do? I’m out of ideas and I’ve lost hope.

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Bella. Sorry to hear. Deciding to switch to online school is a big decision. Perhaps your parents would want to speak with an enrollment advisor who can address their concerns and answer questions? Our phone number is 208.908.6250. Best of luck! 🙂

    • kaitlyn says:

      Hi! I’m in 10th grade and I’ve been trying to convince my parents since the 7th grade to let me be cyber schooled. Each time they have said no just because my brother failed. I enjoy public school, but theres just more people who hate me then like me at the school, and a bunch of toxic people in the class room who enjoys disrupting class no matter what class, or even if i switch my schedule. I also have trouble getting out of my bed early in the morning, or even at all, so i think cyber school should be considered an option for me so i can do work in bed until im ready to get up and work at a table! I just am having trouble convincing my mom, and just recently I had problems on my bus…

  • Angelo Salas says:

    Hi, I just started high school and I am feeling uncomfortable with the environment and working with others. Everytime my I mention it to my parents they get mad. Is there any way I can convince them to let me start online school here? Is it free? Will I have an easy time? Thank you

    • iSucceed says:

      HI, Angelo. We know the conversation can be difficult. Having a prepared ‘presentation’ with the facts gathered might help you. iSucceed is free. It’s an accredited public charter school, which means it’s not necessarily ‘easy’ but our students find it more doable than traditional school because there is more support form teachers. We hope this helps you in your conversations. Best of luck! 🙂

  • Lily says:

    Hi My Name is Lily and I started highschool a month ago and it has been the absolute worse for me I hate it so much I’ve suffered with school phobia and anxiety since pre-k and now that I am in 9th grade it’s extremely hard for me I have always wanted to do online school and every time I bring it up to my parents they say that it’s for people that are lazy but they don’t realize how hard school is for me and how my life and mental health would be so much better if I did online school. Please Help

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Lily. Sorry to hear. It sounds like online school could be a good option for you. Online school is not any easier than traditional school; it takes the same amount of work (plus self discipline) to earn a diploma with iSucceed. Hopefully this helps answer your questions. Keep respectfully talking to them and help them understand your difficulties. They want what’s best for you. 🙂

    • Colin says:

      Hi, I really want to go to online school but my parents are afraid that since I have an eye conditions my accommodations wont be met by the teacher/professor. Can you please help.

      • iSucceed says:

        Hi, Colin. Yes, we can help! Our curriculum/website is compliant with ADA standards. Also, our teachers accommodate 504 and IEP plans, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  • Lily says:

    What do you need to do online school? How do you transition? Can you switch to online school any time? What paperwork is necessary?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Lily. For online school, all you need is a laptop or computer and the internet. For paperwork, you’ll need ID, birth certificate, immunization records, transcripts and proof of residency, like a utility bill. We have four enrollment dates throughout the year; the next start date is October 25. Our enrollment advisors will work with you every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible. You can get started here. 🙂

  • Madison says:

    So my school isn’t that much terrible but i’m pretty much failing already and we just started this year a month ago. I want to convince my dad to let me do online school but the last time I brought it up which maybe was last year, he just laughed like I was joking and said no. I want to convince him to let me do it and I want him to know that I will do much better! I have started working on a presentation, but i’m scared that my step-mom will try to bud in and say no. Do you have any tips on how to convince my strict dad in any other way?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Madison. A presentation is a great way to start! Just make sure he understands that an online school has teacher who help you through phone calls, emails, online tutoring sessions and chats, and that the school is rigorous just like your current school. Most important, that you do graduate with an accredited diploma. If you explain the quality of the school, plus include that there is socialization opportunities in person and online, it could really help your presentation. Your dad is also welcome to call us at 208.908.6250 to have his concerns addressed by an enrollment advisor. Best of luck!

  • Haley S says:

    Hi! I’m in the 11th grade and I just started at a brand new high school. I’ve went to a private school for the past two years, but unfortunately this year it has closed due to a lack of student enrollment. I’ve only just started this past week, but I’m already finding it hard to make new friends and cope with a brand new school environment. It’s a local school for the Bruderhoff, and all of the kids and teachers have been nice so far. But it just feels like I don’t really fit in there with the other kids, especially since I’m not Huterian while half the school is. I also have anxiety, and it’s half of my old school’s size, both student- wise and school- wise. So, I guess it has just been sort of hard to adjust to everything. Before I started school this year, I mentioned online school to my mother a few times, but she had always said ‘no’, and that it is ‘too expensive’ and she wouldn’t know how to teach me a lot of the stuff, such as math and science. It seems she’s also worried about me not being socialized. Would you guys teach me everything, or would my mom have to teach me things as well and buy me the books and supplies? Even if I have to learn some stuff on my own taking online classes, that would be fine. Also, is it completely free or is there a tuition I have to pay? (I live in New York). Anyways, that’s all the questions and concerns I have for right now, sorry for writing so much. And if it’s not too much please get back to me asap. Thank you!

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Haley. Unfortunately, iSucceed is only for Idaho students. But, there are several public charter online schools that are tuition free. Just look for public online schools. As far as teaching, online schools provide the curriculum and have teachers to answer any questions you have. Plus, there are usually school events and group discussions so you’ll still get to socialize. We wish you best of luck in finding the right school for you!

  • Haley S says:

    Oh, dang. Okay. Sorry about that, I didn’t realize that this program was for Idaho students only. Thank you anyway. (: And thanks for taking the time to respond x

  • Sadie says:

    So I have some major mental issues that my parents hate acknowledging, and I have been having issues with going to school because of it. Whenever I say something my parents will either get all defensive or they will yell at me, do you know how I can ask if I can do homeschooling in a way that wont make them tell at me?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Sadie. Maybe focusing less on the issues you’re facing and focus on the quality of online school and how it can help you (mentally and other) can help them? We’d love to help you in your situation a little more. Give us a call at 208.908.6250. Best of luck! 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi I really need help I have asked my mum several times to be onlined school and she just says no I have a very hard time at school sociallizing and I don’t know what to do

  • Tessa says:

    Hi, I am thinking about switching and was wondering if I would be able to choose my classes. By this I mean that I would still be going to school I would just be doing some of my classes, for example, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies online but would be doing Facs, Industrial Tech, and Art, at my school.

  • Jeth says:

    Can students from a different country apply?

  • Hi, I’m a 9th grader who is failing a lot of classes, I do most of the work, I study, but I still fail. Not only does the material stick to me very well, I have a lot of anxiety about getting kicked out of my school. Do you think this could help in any way?

  • Alejandra says:

    I want to be online school because it makes me feel safer than going to a offline school. My parents don’t really like that idea, because they think i won’t learn anything. They also think I won’t actually get pass grades like if I was at actual school. Please help me convince them.

  • jane lee says:

    I think i should be on an online school rather than real school because people love bullying talm bout “jane you eat off the floor” and im tired of it.

  • lizzy says:

    hi! i’ve been struggling in public school, mainly because of social anxiety and having a hard time focusing. also having a hard time getting my work done in a short amount of time. i’ve asked my mom about online school before but she won’t let me because she wants me to have the “high school experience”.

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Lizzy. That’s understandable. We try to help our students enjoy the “high school experience” as much as possible with school events, staff-monitored classroom chats and a graduation ceremony.

  • jess says:

    how many classes do you have to take and are there more or less tests

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Jess. Students take three classes every nine weeks. There are probably about the same amount of tests as you’d expect in a traditional school. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  • Anthony says:

    So I’m in my junior year of highschool and so far I’ve been doing pretty well getting good grades and stuff like that. Now that I’m in junior year my anxiety has hit a all-time high and I literally can’t deal with a public school full of people. The problem is I’ve went over the 32 absence limit and the school district is starting to mess with me and trying to start a court thing, I don’t know if that would interfere with transferring because the district is involved. But it’d be great if you guys could answer my question about it.

  • Emily Reed says:

    Hi I want to do online school and I am having a very hard time convincing my mom that I would do better and I really want to do online school. My dad has already agreed that he is fine with me doing online school. What should I do to help my mom come to a conclusion of yes about letting me be home schooled?

  • AnonymousZ says:

    Hi! I am currently a student in middle school, but I am thinking of switching to online classes for high school! But I don’t really know if my parents will allow me or not, do you know any ways I can try and persuade them to let me?

    • I’m still in middle school but I just have on year and I really want to do online school but I almost lost hope because my parents just tell me this isn’t an option because my older sister tarted it and she hated it and couldn’t do it but I feel like a different more comfortable environment would be better for me to learn.

      • iSucceed says:

        Hi, Barbie. It’s tough being the younger sibling sometimes, isn’t it? Try voicing your thoughts in a calm, mature way with your parents. Explain why you think it would be a better option for you than your sister. Hopefully this can help, and let them know we have enrollment advisors available to address their concerns at 208.908.6250. Best of luck! 🙂

  • Shiloh says:

    Hi so I’m still in 7th grade. But I struggle with headaches, stomach problems, health problems and I’m always in hospital. So I’ve stayed home due to that but I’m going back to school in two weeks. And I know the teachers are going to pile me up with work and my teachers are stricked so they won’t have sympathy for me and force me to do it all. And I know most of my problems are caused by stress and I know I’ll get more sick by going back. So I asked my perants if I could do online schooling and I told them my problem. They told me that I have to go back and online schools are to expensive. And they don’t like the idea of me been home. So do you have any advice because, I’m not really an academic kind and I don’t know any 7th grade work because of me staying home. And another thing. I really really really want to do wrestling. But I can’t find a school and my perants are against girls wrestling and I so happen to be a girl. So they told me I can’t go to wrestling school. But it’s my dream to be a professional wrestler in wwe. But I know that is a dream that can’t come true. I know it has nothing to do with school but do you maybe have advice on that also

  • Sophia says:

    I play sports for my high school. The reason I want to do online school is so I can focus of my athletic development. If I do attend online school, would I still be allowed to play for my local high school?

  • MIKAYLA says:

    HOW DO I talk to my parents online I really want to talk to them dad are with my new nephew and I just I’m so jealous of them brand ourselves except me I am so jealous and I want to write this message because I want people to see how sad mad I am so please read this please

  • Alexis says:

    So I have really bad social anxiety and get bad panic attacks when I have to speak to other people . I have been homeschooled for three years and I Have liked it all except the live lessons if I go here would I have to do them ? Or could I just do it all independently. I’m also in 11th grade now .

  • C Kamrowski says:

    Hi, I want to enroll in online school because im not that social and I have anxiety of being judged and its really hard for me to go to physical school how to I tell my parents

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, C Kamrowski. Tell your parents your honest feelings. Your parents may be concerned about a lack of socialization if you’re already inclined to social anxiety. So, make sure you do your research how online schooling would help you. For example, we actually offer many ways to connect with classmates in a way you might prefer! We have staff-monitored chat rooms and student clubs online you could join. Being honest and open is the key for all communication. Best of luck!

  • Ellie says:

    My name is Ellie and I just about to start year 8. In year 7, I barely attended a fortnight of school without skipping a couple of days due to my severe social anxiety. I really believe I want to attend this school but how do I approach them with this concept? Also, my dad is at work 5 days a week and my mum 4 days; this means they wouldn’t be able to be at home, and they don’t really want me home alone, do you have a rule about this? Please answer!


    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Ellie. Your parents concerns are valid, as are your feelings. 🙂 Maybe explain the anxiety you feel, and see if you can figure out a schedule so they would know you’re busy. Also, teachers check in every day so it would be pretty hard not to do school work! Keep in mind that iSucceed is only for Idaho. If that’s you, give us a call at 208.908.6250. Our enrollment advisors would be happy to talk with you and your parents to address all concerns and questions. Have a great day!

  • diamond says:

    hi,My name is diamond and i go to school during covid but i really want to be online but my parents think i will get distracted but i feel like my grades would progress if i was online. I told them to think about it but i don’t think they are how do i convince them to think about it. i have been not liking the school or the mask. and i told them that but they said it will get btter ho do i let them listen

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Diamond. It might be helpful to ask your parents what their concerns are. Is it just distractions? Maybe putting together a schedule of how you would work every day might help. Also, our curriculum is engaging and teachers check in on you, so it would be pretty difficult to not do your school work. 🙂 Open, honest conversations with research ahead of time are always best. If you live in Idaho, iSucceed could be for you. Our enrollment advisors would be happy to talk with you and your parents to address concerns. Give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  • Rileigh says:

    Hello! my name is Rileigh and with COVID I’ve been gone from school for a while but a few months ago I got sent back I’m in middle school and really miss online school but anytime I talk to my parents about it all they say is online school won’t be as good for me what do I do?

  • Kaylee says:

    I have been wanting to do online school for a while and have talked to my parents openly that I want to do online school and I have told them all my reason and why it would benefit me and they have given me things that they are worried about and I have given them a good solution to each and they still won’t let me

  • Maddie says:

    Hi, I’m in 10th grade and I just started school like a month ago and I get really anxious when talking in front of classes and my teachers don’t have any times set up where I can come in for help, and I’ve tried emailing them about it but they won’t even meet me halfway or offer anything that helps. They will just send me a practice worksheet or something like that so now I’m failing multiple classes because I don’t understand most of what we are doing. I alos had back surgery almost 2 years ago but my back still hurts all of the time and carrying a 30 pound backpack up and down four floors doen’t help with tat pain so some days it hurts so much that I can’t walk without hunching my back or walking like an old person(using my hands to support my back), right now I am also taking over the counter pain medicine(aleve and ibuprofen) daily. Anyways, I was wondering if online would be a good idea because at this point I absolutely dread waking up and going to school

  • Santi says:

    I trying to convince my parents to do online due to covid and bad hygiene in my school any advice?

  • Mariana says:

    I’m having it pretty rough in Grade 8 in the moment and early in the year I asked if I could move to online schooling. She talked to my doctor, psychologist, and principle. They all said it would leave me in a worse place. I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Next year I have a 3 week school camp. This year I had a five day one and it was the worst 5 days of my life and I ended up in a tent by myself. I cant go thought that, not again. I have know idea what the hell to do please help me with ideas.

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Mariana. We would like to help you! We help students across Idaho come up with solutions that work best for them! 🙂 If you give us a call at 208.908.6250, we can go over this in more detail with you.

  • Mikayla says:

    I’ve always made good grades in school, but I’ve never had friends and in-person school has always taken a toll on my mental health. I’ve done my research, and I’ve made a 131-reason list of why virtual school would be good for not just me, but my whole family. Despite this, anytime I even say the words “home school” or “virtual school”, my mom either walks away or yells at me. What would be the best way to get her to listen to me? I don’t ask her when she’s doing something or when she’s in a bad mood, and she’s never had a bad experience with virtual school.

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Mikayla. We have enrollment advisors who can review the specifics about attending iSucceed. If you would like to talk to them, please call 208.908.6250. They are here to help!

  • Donya says:

    Hi, Im Donya. My education isnt like other normal peaple. Ive constantly been moving to country to country beacause of my dad’s buisness and etc.. and course, changing schools has become a habit.. Recently, Ive been sruggling at my current middle school, and by the way, I live in China, so learning the language was extremely challenging. Honestly, Im not very happy with my grades, so I told my parents about how I wanted to join an online school, they said no but they has their reasons, being at home all day isnt good for me. So I need some advice on that. Thank you. In lookinh forward to your email anytime soon…

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Donya. Thanks for reaching out with such great questions! There are lots of advantages to switching to an online school. We help many students get back on track and improve their grades. If you live in Idaho, then you’re eligible to apply and can call our enrollment advisors at 208.908.6250. 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Hi I’m Michelle and the reason why I wanna do online school is because charter school is just not good for me but every ti.e I ask my parents for online school they always say since your brother went to the same school until he graduated your gonna do that to and the thing is they don’t even understand that if I keep going to that school I’m not gonna graduate im currently a freshman and the work load is just to much and my parents just don’t understand that I’m struggling with going to in person school I asked my mom for online school and she keeps on saying its either you stop asking or you go to school in Africa and I do not want to go to school in Africa and my dad just keeps on saying no without giving me a reason so I don’t know what to do

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Michelle. Thanks for reaching out! There are lots of advantages to switching to an online school. We help many students get back on track and improve their grades. If you live in Idaho, then you’re eligible to apply and can call our enrollment advisors at 208.908.6250. 🙂

  • Zoe says:

    Hi, My name is Zoe. So I have always gone to public school my whole entire school life so far and next year I am going to high school and want to switch to online school and a change and I already asked my parents love and believe in public school only not even private and so I asked and they said no and they keep saying that online / Homeschool is bad for you and you won’t get proper education and social time but I think honestly it’s a better fit for me especially since my social life isn’t the best as they think I won’t get enough social time if I do online school even though I do a lot of activities and social stuff outside of school but I didn’t do well when I was online during Covid and so I have been looking at a half online half in person because It gives me half and half which would be good for me because it gives me some relaxation and just time to work on my own which I like and gives me some time and education help they I need but my parents still say no. Any advice that can change their mind?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Zoe. Thanks for reaching out! We have a team of enrollment advisors who are here to help. Please give them a call at 208.908.6250. 🙂

  • Addi says:

    Hi, my name is Addi. I dont enjoy the social part of school even though I have friends. Although I have friends in person, I hate having to go to school and talk infront of people. I have always had good grades except during the pandemic. My grades dropped a lot then because I didnt care about school that much. I am very interested in online school again. Im afraid that if I ask my parents they will say no because of what happened during the pandemic. How can I tell them that it wont happen again?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Addi. It sounds like iSucceed could be a great option for you. 🙂 We provide our students with personalized support to help them get back on track and excel in their classes. Our enrollment team is also here to help. Give them a call at 208.908.6250 and they can walk through all the specifics with you.

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