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Meet Kaceey Gay, this year’s Senior of the Year

Probably what’s most incredible about iSucceed’s students is that when life throws challenges their way, they don’t just adapt, they excel and achieve their goals.

This year’s iSucceed’s Senior of the Year exemplifies that. She never ceases to amaze her teachers and counselors with her accomplishments and positive outlook, despite challenges in her life.

She will be introduced in a virtual graduation session on Friday, May 29. Since it is only open to our current graduates and their families, we asked if she would share a little bit about herself with the public. Check out her story below:

Kaceey Gay, iSucceed 2020 Senior of the Year

“I am Kaceey Gay and I’m 18 years old. I enjoy going the lake, hiking and spending time with my son and family. My most favorite thing to do is to sit in my car and listen to music, I also love to write.

Some goals I have set for myself are to attend college and study Criminal Justice, get my own place and raise my son. I did attend two different schools before I came to iSucceed. My experience in the first high I went to was terrible. I was constantly made fun of and had a difficult time making friends. The second high school I went to was a great experience, I loved the teachers and the students in the school. But what made me come to iSucceed was needing a full-time job. I couldn’t go to public school and work full time. iSucceed made it very easy for me to be able to work.

When I first was in labor, I had over 162 missing assignments and the quarter was about to end at midnight. My principal gave me an extra week to finish my classes and pass. When the second quarter had started and my son was a newborn it was extremely difficult for me to able to focus on school. But one thing I did do was write all the assignments due that day and get them done. That made it easy for me, because I only had a few assignments to do and I was done for the day. I would do school when Greyson was sleeping. I would also try and do extra if I had time to do so.

When I went to Bennett Mountain High School, I told the counselor I wanted to graduate and she said that wasn’t an option for me. So when Crystal at iSucceed had told me if I took summer school I could graduate in March, and that’s when I made that goal of graduating early. If I didn’t graduate early, I most likely would not be passing my classes. I now have a full-time job and I’m a full-time mom. iSucceed has been a wonderful school and I’m so blessed to graduate with them. The counselor and the principal have helped me get the credits I needed and to graduate early.”

Congrats, class of 2020!

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