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Meet Xxander, an iSucceed Parkour student

By March 6, 2020March 10th, 2020Uncategorized

Ever seen “America Ninja Warrior” or “Wipeout?” You’re looking at the next star of those shows.

Well, we think so anyway…

This is Alexxander (Xxander), a student here at iSucceed. He’s only into his second quarter here, but so far, he’s killing it, getting great grades and working ahead when he can.

He’s also a dedicated Parkour student. What is Parkour, anyway?

As Xxander says:

“Parkour is getting from point A to point B as fast and effectively as possible, and getting from Point B to point A as fast and effectively (as possible).”

Here’s one example:

“(I first trained by) watch(ing) a lot of parkour videos… All of those shows/videos I imagined myself doing and one day I told my mom that I wanted to do Parkour. I did a lot of research on it before I started it.

The training and commitment is not for everyone, because it makes you push your comfort zone. you are not going to be jumping on a 30 story building. Parkour is all about movement and there is really no excelling at it, because Parkour is always
growing with more people joining and people adding their own twist to it. What I mean by this is everyone does the same course differently on how they
see fit, some may excel at climbing and running, while another excels at far
jumps and bars to move around the course.”

Outside of Parkour, Xxander likes video games, anime, listening to music and dying his hair.

Before iSucceed, he was at a different online school, where he found the course workload to be stressful, to say the least.

“I became interested in Isucceed, because my old online school put way to many courses I had to complete. I had 8 courses and had to complete 20 lessons a week and do live lessons everyday, some live lessons lasted all day and they still wanted me to work when I was done with the live lessons,” said Xxander.

“With isucceed I found the events to attend are a lot better, the teachers are really nice and will talk to you a lot more, and they want to make sure you are doing the best you can do. I have done online school my entire life, so online school has always allowed me to do whatever I want to for more time. but being in highschool with more work, the more I get into the school year with 3-4 courses to focus on it makes it so much easier to do what I want to and enjoy it, without having to skip what I enjoy for school.”

After graduation, Xxander wants to be a rollercoaster designer, so he is planning on earning his degree in engineering.

Since he has been doing so well at iSucceed, we asked him to share some tips for online students:

“My advice for new iSucceed students is to make a chart and keep a list of what lessons you have completed, because sometimes you think you have completed the amount you need done, but you are short a couple. I started to keep a chart and list the lessons I have completed to see how many I need to finish to be done for that week.”

We know he may beg to differ, but Xxander, we think you are incredibly unique and can’t wait to see what you accomplish with us and after graduation!


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