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Here are the benefits of earning your high school diploma from home

By June 14, 2019June 17th, 2019Student Community, Uncategorized

There’s more than one way to earn your high school diploma.

Sometimes, circumstances necessitate an alternative. Other times, you simply want another choice. Either way, earning your high school diploma from home can be a great option.

When it comes to the benefits, we could probably make a pretty hefty list. For your sake, we’ve narrowed to a few reasons.

The perks of earning your high school diploma from home

1. Mornings are stress free

As an online student, you can choose when you want to start your day.

If you’re one of those rare (lucky you) morning people, you’re more than welcome to keep waking up at the crack of dawn. But if you prefer, you can start your day a little later. Either way, earning your high school diploma from home eliminates the stress of rushing to get out the door to school.

Wake up early and knock out your coursework, or to sleep in and finish courses later in the day; it’s your choice.

2. Since you’re earning your high school diploma from home, you get to study from the comfort of, well…home


iSucceed’s classroom is wherever you have access to the internet. Whether your preferred work space be a comfy couch, a home desk or coffee shop, you can complete schoolwork in the place of your choice.

We also have an online community monitored by staff for students to join clubs and safely chat with other students online to get to know peers. Not to mention the several fun school events including ZooWalks, bowling nights, Eat to the Beat with Live 101.5 and even prom, so socializing won’t be a worry.

3. Your teachers are an email away. Or phone call, or text, or instant message…


If you’re one who doesn’t like the burning stares from 30+ classmates that inevitably accompanies raising your hand to ask a question, we’ve got you covered.

Our teachers communicate with each student personally via phone calls, emails, texting, school announcements and instant messaging so that you can enjoy easy access to homework help from instructors.

4. Earning your high school diploma from home means no dress code

Dress code? We don’t know that word.

If you want to wear a hat, chew gum, wear pajamas or have mermaid hair, go for it. As long as you’re working hard to earn your diploma, it doesn’t matter to us what you decide to wear at home!

5. And school is set to your schedule

If you’re at a traditional high school right now, we can probably guess what your schedule looks like:

  • 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. classes (6:30 if you’re in A or Zero Hour).
  • 3 – 5 p.m. Sports practice, club meeting or other extracurricular activities.
  • 5 – ‘who-knows’ p.m. finishing up homework or studying for an exam.

Here’s what a day in a life at iSucceed could look like:

  • Wake up (when you want)
  • Knock out about three hours of coursework, studying or participating in class discussions
  • Take a break! Go explore, eat lunch or do something you love
  • Finish up for a few more hours
  • Go to work, spend time with family or enjoy your evening how you want

Students need to spend about six hours a day. Many find that focusing for 2-3 hours on school work at a time with fun breaks in between makes the day go by much faster.

6. Plus, the curriculum is unlike any other (seriously)


Ever get in trouble for falling asleep in class? We understand. School lectures can get boring.

That’s why we’ve created a curriculum that’s actually designed for today’s learners. iSucceed’s digital curriculum is just as rigorous as your old school (we are accredited, of course), but we include gaming, videos, comic stories and more so that you can actually enjoy yourself while you learn.

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