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A few of our Idaho Opportunity Scholarship winners

By May 28, 2019May 30th, 2019Student Spotlight

Graduation and summer break are upon us! We are incredibly proud of our graduates; all have faced challenges and worked hard to earn their diplomas.

We are proud to say we have a few recipients of the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship! We asked our winners a few questions, and this is what they said:

From a few iSucceed scholarship winners…


​What made you decide to submit?


“The enrollment counselor at NNU brought it up to me, and I needed a way to finish paying for college so I gave it a shot,” – Keira Broadie




“I filled out a general application through FastWeb and it was applied to a lot of scholarships. The IOS (Idaho Opportunity Scholarship) was one of the many it applied to.” – Auda Jones

How did you feel when you found out you won?

“It was a stress reliever to know I have more cash to put towards college tuition. It makes me happy knowing I am one step closer to achieving my future goals.” -Kiera

“I felt super excited! The amount of money that you receive is a huge help when it comes time to pay for college.  The total amount at the end of four years totaled something around $14,000.” – Auda

How will this scholarship help you the most?

“It will end up paying for the college tuition that is still left to pay, and what’s left over will help me pay for books or anything that will help me get through college.” – Kiera

“It will help me pay for a good portion of college tuition. Any money helps when you are paying for six years worth of college.” – Auda

What are some benefits you find in iSucceed?

“My previous year before I went to online school, there were problems between some of the people I hung with and my parents, they didn’t want me around those kind of people and the way to remove me from them was to make me go online. I was also stressing a lot, not getting good grades and not having enough time to get everything in. It was a way to get things done when I had the time.

The faculty are very helpful, and have been willing to help and work with me the entire time. You get to do things at your own pace, so you don’t feel rushed.” Kiera

“Growing up, I did not get along with anyone I went to school with. My class was full of the meanest kids in school, even starting in Kindergarten. Life was miserable for me. School wasn’t something I was excited for. Every day was more difficult than the one before it.

I started to get depressed and sinking down into a hole. I knew I would never survive high school and something had to change. When my cousin mention she did online school for a time I begged my mom. She of course agreed it was a great idea.

Getting the hang of things was rough to begin with, but I loved online school. I still got to play sports, which was all I ever really cared about! Things like freedom and not having to sit in a classroom was a pretty great factor too. I find that helping out my parents at our family store is a huge benefit!

Another is the fact that I have lots of family that need a babysitter plus my job! I think lately though, it’s been a huge help because my town has been rocked with a couple deaths.” -Auda

What are some things you’re able to accomplish as an online student?

“I’ve been able to work more, so I can help out my family. It has given me time to figure out colleges, I was able to go in to get what I need. It has helped reduce my stress with schooling, which has always been a problem with me.” – Kiera

“I will be receiving an Honors Diploma, and I could have also graduated four quarters early. A whole year.  That is amazing to me!” -Auda


What are your plans after graduation?

“In August of 2019, I am attending the College of Western Idaho (CWI) and there I am studying medical, I will get my bachelor’s degree in chemistry then go to medical school to work to become a surgeon.” Kiera

“I plan to attend the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Montana. I plan on going into Anthropology/Sociology BA and then going on to get my masters in Social Work.” -Auda



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