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iSucceed’s salutatorian, Jasmine C., shares her story of chronic illness

Ever notice some of the strongest and most inspiring people are those who have overcome the most?

That’s how we feel when we talk to Jasmine.

She’s a ray of sunshine, who immediately makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. You’d probably never know what she goes through on a daily basis until you really got to know her.

Meet Jasmine Croyle, iSucceed salutatorian

Jasmine has undergone 32 surgeries in her lifetime. She has a chronic illness and often deals with anxieties.

“I started at iSucceed because I started having too many surgeries to go to school,” said Jasmine. “I needed a way to do school when I wasn’t able to attend it and online school seemed to be the best option.”

Her service dog, Stevie, helps her through a lot of things.

“Stevie’s birthday is October 16th, 2018 and he is helpful for both psychological help and physical help. He helps me with pulling my covers on and off, is working on being able to bring my bag to me(which has all my meds), he sits on my chest to help with pain relief and help calm anxiety, and just gives me support for other activities in life 🙂 he is a Yorkie poo and loves to give me lots of cuddles too! He can also jump really high which he often uses to get my attention if he needs to!”

We are proud to say Jasmine is this year’s salutatorian!

“A lot of my time with school, I just wanted to get as much done as I could. I stayed very dedicated to school and worked a lot with my teachers.”

After graduation, Jasmine plans on going to Carrol College in Helena, Montana to study clinical psychology.

Given the personality and talents we know she possesses, we believe this is a perfect field for her to pursue.

“Graduating, first of all, would not have happened without iSucceed at all but even further than that, I am the salutatorian. I’m grateful for Mrs. Salove, she has been my biggest supporter, and Mrs. Nebeker was always open to call me so we could go over the projects together” Jasmine C., iSucceed grad

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