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Meet Annajane, our first honors diploma student

By December 20, 2018December 26th, 2018Student Spotlight

At iSucceed Virtual High School, we have many dedicated, talented students. That’s why we decided to start a Student Spotlight series, so we can shine the light on a few of our awesome students.

This month, we’re sharing the story of one of the first students to enroll in the new honors diploma program.  Check out her story below.

AnnaJane, honors diploma student

Annajane Bates, a junior here at iSucceed.

She’s a motivated, hardworking student who felt traditional school wasn’t working for her.

“I attended a public high school for my freshmen, sophomore, and half of my junior year,” said Annajane. “It was nice seeing friends and teachers there every day, but it wasn’t the right environment for me. I’d get distracted and fall behind. I had some difficulties that I couldn’t juggle with the support and energy that I was giving out as well. iSucceed was exactly what I needed.”

Becoming an Honors Diploma Student

As she found her grades improving, Annajane knew she wanted a new goal. When the honors diplomas became an option, she was one of the first to join.

“Since starting with iSucceed, I have worked really hard to reach my goals,” said Annajane. “Working toward an honors diploma was an achievement that brought me pride in the efforts I put in.”

The honors diploma requires Annajane to take honors courses, AP and dual-credit courses. With this more advanced program, she will be able to graduate high school with a few college credits. (To learn more about the honors diploma, click here).

More about Annajane

When she isn’t busy studying, Annajane enjoys drawing, writing, reading and gardening.

“I love starting projects because I get very enthusiastic and invested. My favorite part is sharing it with others,” said Annajane.

After graduation, Annajane wants to study dental hygiene.

“iSucceed was exactly what I needed. It provided me with courses I needed without distraction and taught self-discipline. I was on my own to participate in the activities necessary. Also, despite not having an in-person relationship with teachers, I’ve been lucky enough to form close and meaningful relationships with several staff from isucceed. And for them, I am even more grateful.” – Annajane Bates

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