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Logan Tibbets, iSucceed Student, Motocross Racer

By June 1, 2018June 7th, 2018Student Spotlight

Meet Logan Tibbets. He’s an 18-year-old student here at iSucceed who loves motocross racing. In fact, he’s practically grown up on a dirt bike.

“I started to ride when I was six,” said Logan. “I was young and thought it would be fun to ride a dirt bike.”

By 16, Logan started racing competitively.

“I currently race in the RMX series, Big Butte series, and oftentimes races at OMC in Boise,” said Logan. “It is something that takes lots of practice. Also, it is a major adrenaline rush. But, it is also very dangerous. I have had lots of injuries from racing.”

With competitive motocross racing comes a hectic schedule. Logan is gone most Fridays to practice on the tracks. After a while, the demanding schedule made it difficult to stay in a traditional school.

“I started iSucceed because of my crazy schedule. Most of my races have a
practice day on Friday which it is good to attend cause the tracks change all the
time,” said Logan. “This practice helps to figure out the track before the races on Saturday. This caused me to miss lots of days from school. I lost many credits because I missed too many days and was not able to make up the hours to get them. By going to iSucceed, I am able to practice and go to race practices and races without worrying about missing school.”

Logan now works ahead to complete his 10 lessons a week before Fridays, so he can enjoy the long weekend of racing.¬†One thing you’d probably never guess about Logan: He’s also a competitive bowler.

“I also bowl and just helped Minico High School win their first at state in
teams,” said Logan. “I qualified, 1 of only 6 from Idaho, to bowl in Texas in July at the
National Junior Gold tournament. If I place in the top so many out of the nation, I
will become part of the national team. I also bowled a perfect 300 at the age of

After graduation, Logan is not quite sure what want to do. But one thing’s for sure, he plans to continue racing.

“I hope to continue racing and see where that takes me,” said Logan.

And we can’t wait to see where it takes him.

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