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Teacher Spotlights: Ms. Ashley Feucht, English Instructor

Behind every graduate are several dedicated teachers. We’re grateful to our iSucceed instructors, and that’s why we take a moment to shine the light on them in this Teacher Spotlight blog series.

This month, we bring the story of a new teacher here at iSucceed. Ms. Feucht comes to iSucceed from Fruitland where she taught middle school. Before that, she was overseas, teaching English as a second language in countries throughout Asia.

Learn more about this awesome instructor below.

Ms. Ashley Feucht, English teacher, work-based learning 

 Like any true Idahoan, Ms. Feucht loves the great outdoors. Any activity outdoors–fishing, four-wheeling, camping, hiking, you name it–Ms. Feucht probably loves it. You could probably guess another passion of hers: teaching iSucceed students.

“I love teaching iSucceed students because they are such a diverse group of students with interesting stories to tell,” said Ms. Feucht.

Ms. Fuecht teaches English courses and work-based learning (you can learn more about that class here). These subjects give her the opportunity to truly learn about her students, as Ms. Feucht stated.

“I’m in the unique position where I teach classes that allow me to learn about my students’ lives,” said Ms. Feucht. “In English, I get to read their personal narratives, in Senior Project and Work-Based Learning, I get to find out about their aspirations and interests. I love teaching iSucceed students because they are such a diverse group of students with interesting stories to tell.”

With work-based learning, Ms. Feucht also gets the opportunity to give students career advice if they ask for it. Because these students are working, it gives them the ability to explore career paths and determine which is best for them, and Ms. Feucht is always there to guide them when needed.

“I had a student who wrote an essay about her graduation plans,” said Ms. Feucht. “She said she wanted to teach, but she was hesitant to take that career path because she also wanted to have the ability to travel. I talked to her about teaching abroad and my own experiences teaching English as a second language. She is now looking into programs to teach abroad and is very excited about the future! I was glad to inspire her to find a way to possibly achieve both of her dreams, and I know she will do a great job!”

When it comes to advice, Ms. Feucht goes by one philosophy: Create your own path.

“You are your greatest advocate,” said Ms. Feucht. “Your parents, your teachers, your friends–they can all encourage you to do well. But ultimately it comes down to you to make it happen and create a bright future for yourself.”

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