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Student Spotlights: Naomi Shartzer, Early Graduate

Everyone has dreams. But it is the few who take the leap of faith and work hard to make those dreams reality.

For iSucceed student Naomi Shartzer, that dream is to become an obstetrician.

“I have always been intrigued by the developmental processes of the fetus in the womb,” said Naomi. “Ever since I was in grade six I knew that this is what I wanted and I would not let anybody tell me I couldn’t.”

Becoming a doctor means a long road of education and training. Knowing this, Naomi wanted to graduate early and get a jumpstart toward her career as a doctor. Read more about this inspiring student below.

Naomi Shartzer, 16, early graduate

Naomi is a go-getter who enjoys volunteering at her local humane society. Although if you met her, you might be surprised; Naomi is a trendy gal with attitude.

“I think what makes me unique is that nobody would have taken me, the girl with the colored hair and attitude, to be able to accomplish so much in such little time,” said Naomi.

Naomi’s plan is to start college as soon as possible. That’s why she decided to switch to iSucceed.

“My motivation was my end goals. I knew I did not want to be 30 by the time I graduated [medical school]. I wanted to graduate [high school] at 16 with a 4.0 GPA, I felt like iSucceed was my best option for that.”

So far, Naomi has stayed true to her goals. She is set to graduate at just 16 years old with an outstanding GPA.

When it comes to advice for her fellow students, Naomi has a few words: stick to your goals.

“Keep a schedule and don’t fall behind. If you do the minimum of ten assignments a day or more, you will be fine. Also, if you have any issues, make sure to contact your teacher.” – Naomi Shartzer, iSucceed student



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