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Curriculum Spotlights: Bill of Rights Day

By December 15, 2016Student Community


If you’ve been on social media lately (and we’re sure you have), you’ve likely noticed that there’s a holiday to celebrate just about anything these days. Bacon Day, Donut Day, National Sleep in Late Day…the list goes one! But there’s one new holiday that we at iSucceed are excited about: The Bill of Rights Day.

The Bill of Rights Day is December 15, and it’s dedicated to remembering and learning about the rights granted to all American citizens. It is a historical document that is crucial to American democracy and to celebrate, we’ve compiled coursework gathered from our very own award-winning curriculum (found in our social studies courses) to help you learn more.

About America’s Bill of Rights: Featuring iSucceed Award-Winning Curriculum

In 1787, conventions were held to rethink the Articles of Confederation (the “original Constitution”). The initial plan was to edit the existing document, but after many long hours of debating, discussing and re-discussing, our Founding Fathers came up with what is now known as the Constitution of the United States, which establishes laws and outlines our working government.

In order to ratify the Constitution as America’s new governing document, it needed approval from the states. It was felt, however, that there was a significant piece missing to the document: a list of basic human and civil rights. From there, the Bill of Rights was born, and it is what provides basic liberties and freedoms to Americans.  You can learn more about the history of the Bill of Rights in this interactive iSucceed lesson.

Here is a little more about the author of the Bill of Rights:

James Madison–The Father of the Constitution

James Madison is credited for being a the key contributor to the creation of the Constitution, and is known as the author of the Bill of Rights. Click on the “Bio Card” featured in iSucceed social studies courses to learn more about him:

 Fathers in History: James Madison

Watch the engaging, educational video below to learn about the Founding Fathers, including James Madison.

How You Can Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

The best way to commemorate this holiday is to learn your rights as an American Citizen, and we’ve got just the thing for you. Below is an interactive lesson that makes learning and memorizing the Amendments (changes or additions to the constitution) simple! Click on the image below to get started.

Test Your Knowledge: Bill of Rights and Amendments Quiz


This month, We hope you take some time to read through the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States so you know what your rights are as an American Citizen.

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