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8 Things That Will Make You Grateful You Go to High School in 2016

By November 18, 2016Student Community



If you’ve been on the internet ever (and we’re pretty sure you have been), then you’ve seen it: the so-called millennials sharing yet another article about how great the ’90s were. But let’s face it, there are several things about high school life in the ’90s that certainly aren’t worth bragging over. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we decided to compile a list of things we think we make you grateful you go to high school in 2016.

8 Things That Will Make You Grateful You Go to High School in 2016

1. Dodgeball is not so dangerous


Some of you might think, “but I love old school dodgeball!” and don’t worry it’s not completely gone (If we’re being honest, hardly anybody was thinking that). But it has been modified for the better. For one, students are not allowed to throw the ball directly at another’s face, and there’s usually no picking teams to leave someone out.

2. And, thankfully, Chalkboards are no more (almost)


Unlike dodgeball, this is one almost all of us can agree on. The end of awful screeching noise and having to clap erasers are certainly things that make us grateful to be attending high school in 2016.

3. Rulers are used to Measure and not to discipline


OK, maybe this wasn’t exactly in the ’90s. But we’re more than grateful that rulers now serve their actual purpose–to measure. Back in the day, they often were used to slap naughty children’s hands. And trust your grandparents, it didn’t feel too great.

4. Your Pokémon Cards Won’t Get Stolen


Yes, this was an actual scare for the ’90s kids. Now you have your Pokémon safely stored away in Pokémon Go (Be honest, you still play occasionally).

5. The internet means easier access to research


Before searching the web became a thing, your best source for an essay was the library and you had to delve through multiple encyclopedia volumes and actual books. While researching through an old encyclopedia is still a great thing to do, you have to admit asking Google to find a quick answer certainly has its perks.

6. Computers also mean less rewriting


Next time you have to write an essay, thank a computer. Before everyone had easy access to a computer, high school meant writing the same rough draft sometimes three times for different classmates to review, then rewriting up to two more times before turning it in.

7. And school lunches have definitely made strides

Focusing on the lunch line operated by cafeteria custodians

They still might not be the best, but they’ve certainly improved from what they were. We promise. Of course, the best lunch would be whatever you wanted to eat at home (you know, if you were an online high school student. Hint hint).


8. And–our personal favorite–school can be online


One thing the oh-so-amazing ’90s didn’t have? The glorious high speed internet. And think about it: How great would it be to wake up stress-free at the time of your choice and work on school work from your bed, the table in your kitchen or even a coffee shop? That’s the beauty of online school! The ’90s were great and all, but getting to log in and enjoy quality school from the comfort of your home is a major reason to be grateful to be a “new school” student in 2016.

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