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Facts About iSucceed Virtual High School

By September 1, 2016Student Community


iSucceed Virtual High School has grown in the past two years, and we’ve loved getting more students! Because there’s still a lot of facts about us that aren’t generally known, we’ve compiled a list of unique facts about iSucceed. Check them out below.

Facts About iSucceed Virtual High School

  • iSucceed is, in fact, 100% online
    We don’t make you purchase textbooks or “workbooks” for homework. Everything you need to excel in school can be found within your virtual classroom.
  • Our students get free school provided laptops
    Because we are 100% online, and a laptop is necessary to succeed in an online school, we will loan a Google Chromebook to students who express a need. Students who request the laptop will be able to pick it up at the Boise office, or a designated Roadshow location across Idaho. For students who are unable to pick it up, the school will ship the laptop directly to them. Students are required to return the laptop to the school at the time of withdrawal or graduation. Learn more here.
  • We are a public charter school
    Which also means we are tuition free and accredited.
  • We have student clubs and school events
    Meet with classmates online who share your same interests. You’ll also get to attend in-person school events such as Pizza and Perks.
  • And a prom!
    iSucceed students get to vote each year on either having a prom, or an end of the year party! 
  • Our curriculum is split into three courses every nine weeks
    We’ve found that fewer courses at a time allows for better focus and reduced stress. That’s why iSucceed offers three courses every nine weeks. It’s also a great way to add in a course in order to catch up on credits or get ahead and graduate early.
  • Our curriculum is also self authored and award winning!
    One thing that’s unique about iSucceed is that we do not rely on third-party curriculum. We instead offer aligned, self authored curriculum that’s won multiple awards. Check out samples of our curriculum here.
  • We offer AP course options
    iSucceed currently offers an IT course at the AP level. For more options, please contact our Counselor. 

More iSucceed Virtual High School Trivia

  • iSucceed was started by a group of caring parents in 2008
    They started wiuth a vision to create opportunities that would enable all Idaho students to achieve a high school diploma online.
  • Our Executive Director started as a teacher here at iSucceed
    Katie Allison has been with iSucceed since the beginning as a teacher. She became the executive director in 2015. Learn about her here.
  • We changed to the quarter schedule in 2015
    In order to help students better focus and potentially catch up on credits, we made the switch to the quarter semester in 2015. Learn more about it in this infographic.

To learn more about iSucceed, head to

  • What are some other facts you’d like to know about iSucceed? Share with us in the comments below!


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