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Their Way or Your Way: Make the Switch to iSucceed


When it comes to where you receive your education, we want you to know that you have options! If you’re not enjoying sitting in a chaotic classroom packed with 30+ students, eating the same old cafeteria food or lugging that heavy backpack filled with old textbooks from class to class, then you might want to consider making the switch to iSucceed Virtual High School.

iSucceed is tuition free, accredited and 100% online to let you enjoy high school on your terms. Here are a couple ways we can provide a more customized education than your old school.


Their Textbook or Your Textbook?


“Their” textbook usually equates to graffiti-filled, ripped up books that might have once been used by your parents when they went to school. iSucceed Virtual High School instead has online textbooks made just for you! Our curriculum is entirely online and is award winning.

Plus, our curriculum isn’t just accredited and aligned to state standards, it’s relevant and fresh. With multimedia such as animated videos, instructional games, graphic-novel-style historic stories and more, learning will become something you actually enjoy.


Their Dress Code or Your Dress Code?


Even if your school doesn’t require uniforms, there are still limitations to what you’re allowed to wear. For example, you likely aren’t allowed to dye your hair unnatural colors, wear slippers or even have a hat on while in the classroom. Because you can study from the comfort or your home (or wherever you choose!), iSucceed doesn’t have a dress code. Our main worry is that you work hard on your education. How you want to look and dress is up to you!


Their Classroom or Your Classroom?


We all know the look of the traditional classroom. The small school desk in perfectly aligned rows, filled with 35 or more students. You have your assigned seat (not next to your friend, of course), and you’re used to the daily routine of sitting and watching the teacher lecture and write on the whiteboard.

Here’s another idea for your classroom: a coffee shop, your bed, a home work desk, your local library, or just about anywhere you have access to a computer and internet connection. You will still learn the same important material and stay in constant contact with your teachers, but your classroom can be wherever you want!


Their Diploma or Your Diploma?


The great news is, no matter where you attend (iSucceed or an accredited brick and mortar school), the diploma you receive is the same. But the question is: do you want to earn your diploma the traditional way, or would you rather earn your diploma at a high school that lets you enjoy your educational experience on your terms?

Other Things to Know About isucceed virtual High School

  • Three Classes Every Nine Weeks. iSucceed has three classes every nine weeks to let you focus on your studies, catch up on credits or graduate early.
  • Personalized Attention. Our highly qualified instructors provide personalized support through phone calls, emails, instant messaging and course announcements.
  • Dedicated Counselors. We also have guidance counselors who help you make a personalized graduation plan and help you figure out life after high school
  • We’re tuition free
  • And accredited
  • With a great student life. We boast an active student life with social media pages to follow, student clubs, school events a prom and graduation ceremony.

We will be posting more Their Way or Your Way concepts, so stay tuned!

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