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6 Things You Won’t Miss About Your Old School

By June 29, 2016March 19th, 2018Enrollment News, Student Community


While school can definitely have its perks, there’s a lot of things about traditional high school that we’re willing to bet you won’t miss when you leave. Check out our list below.

1. Raising your hand to ask a question everyone else seems to understand and wanting to just do this.


Even with the nicest instructor, raising your hand in class can be intimidating. At Valor Online High School, getting help from teachers is easier than ever. You can email, call or even instant message your instructor within the Parent Student Portal (PSP)



2. Or that gum infested, uncomfortable desk


Doesn’t sitting in the couch of your living room to do schoolwork sound so much better?



3. Speaking of gum, you probably won’t miss those beaten up textbooks


If you’re the lucky one, you will get the nice, new textbooks. But most likely, you end up with one like the picture above: gratified, pages ripped and notes all over.

Aside from having to shove them in your backpack and carry a heavy load all day, textbook reading can be rough. Valor has award-winning curriculum that includes games, videos, comic book stories and more so you can get a quality education and actually enjoy what you’re learning.

4. Getting caught sleeping in class…again


In a big classroom, the last thing you’d want to do was be the one who fell asleep. Either you get in trouble, or you end up like the guy in the photo above. Luckily at Primavera, you can complete your schoolwork on a flexible schedule. If you need to take a break between courses and take a short nap, go for it! Although we can’t promise your siblings won’t try to mess with you while you nap.



5. Not getting to dye your hair or wear pajamas because of dress code rules

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Our main concern at Valor is that you receive a quality education and earn your accredited diploma. How you choose to style your hair (or not style) and dress is entirely up to you.



6. The commute certainly won’t be missed either


Waking up before the sun, rushing to catch the bus and sitting in a loud crowded bus are things we’re willing to bet you won’t miss. Instead, you can enjoy a stress free morning that consists of waking up, getting ready and starting your schoolwork from home.



Get enrolled today.

  • What are some other things you don’t miss about your old school? Share with us in the comments below!


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