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Three Ways iSucceed Can Help You With Credit Recovery


At iSucceed, we believe in helping you achieve all your academic goals. That’s why we have 100% online courses and dedicated, highly-qualified instructors ready to help. If you are in need of credit recovery, look no further! In fact, we can think of several reasons why you should catch up on credits with us; for you sake, we’ve narrowed it down to three. Check them out below!

Three Ways Credit Recovery is Better With iSucceed

1. Personalized instruction

One of the benefits of an online education is that our teachers have more time to provide individualized attention to each of our students. With iSucceed, you will be able to get personalized support from teachers through phone calls, emails, instant messaging and online Synchronous Sessions to help you master each subject and recover credits.

2. Flexible schedule

Another benefit that comes only through online high school is flexibility in your school schedule. While you are expected to participate in online discussions and must complete specified amounts of coursework each week, you have the freedom to work around your schedule. So enjoy some more zzz’s or wake up early to start your day off right, and as always, work hard!

3. Quarter system

The best reason to recover credits at iSucceed yet: We follow a Quarter Schedule with nine-week long courses. No need to worry about six finals, or six projects all due at once here! With iSucceed, you take an average of three courses each quarter to help you focus on what you’re learning and even catch up on credits.

How does the Quarter Schedule help you catch up? You can add an additional course (up to a total of 4 courses) every quarter to help you graduate on time. Because you’re taking three courses and not six like you would at a traditional school, adding on another course or two is much more doable at iSucceed. A few of our diligent students who came to iSucceed for credit recovery have even been able to catch up so quickly that they are set to graduate early!

How to Enroll in Credit Recovery at iSucceed

Step 1: Enroll with iSucceed Virtual High School.

Step 2: Talk with your guidance counselor and let her know you’re looking to recover credits.

Step 3: Complete one quarter with good grades.

Step 4: Talk with your guidance counselor to add additional courses to your load, for a total of four* courses per quarter.
*In special circumstances with a guidance counselor’s approval, students can take five courses at a time. 

Step 5: Work hard and earn your high school diploma!

After a full school year with iSucceed, students can earn up to nine extra credits, not counting summer school!

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