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Teacher Spotlight: Christina Ferrari

By December 14, 2015May 14th, 2020Teacher Spotlights


When it comes to students, our teachers at iSucceed Virtual High School would travel the world to help you achieve your goals. Literally. Well, at least for Ms. Christina Ferrari, that is!

2015-09-05 16.44.37Ms. Ferrari is an online instructor here at iSucceed who loves writing, reading, gardening and traveling. She is also from Australia where she taught for over 20 years. While she loved her job in Australia, she traveled around the globe to help students achieve their academic goals here at iSucceed.

For the past two years, Ms. Ferrari has taught Speech and other courses at iSucceed. Ms. Ferrari told us that being the Speech and Senior project teacher has helped her gain a special love for our students because of their creativity, diversity and hard-working attitudes.

“Many students (at iSucceed) have struggled in traditional brick and mortar settings, they tell me that they didn’t like school and under achieved. At iSucceed I see them thrive; not only do they enjoy learning, they earn good results and this is very rewarding for me as a teacher,” said Ms. Ferrari. “Teaching Speech means that my students deliver video recorded speeches and I learn so much about what bright, diverse and clever people they are. I am so often taken aback by the level of creativity and the interpersonal skills my students have.”

Since she started, Ms. Ferrari has loved her job. To her, the best part of teaching is seeing students find success in their lives.

“Empowering young people through positive and constructive interaction is the most fulfilling thing for me,” said Ms. Ferrari. “When I meet up with my former students and see how successful they are in their careers it is the greatest reward.”

Just last year, Ms. Ferrari reaped that most rewarding part of being a teacher. When she went to her hometown in Australia for a vacation, her former students decided to surprise her with a visit. To her astonishment, these students who had struggled in school were now very successful. Check out the story below:

“I recently travelled back to Australia where I am from for a family visit. When word got out that I was coming, many of my former students arranged to meet up with me. They thanked me for teaching them the skills they needed as they moved on through school and the workplace. One student who was a refugee from Africa… He told me that being in my class helped him learn how to write essays so well that when he went to college he was one of the few students in his year who did not struggle. He did very well at college and now has an impressive corporate job. As a teacher nothing could make me happier than knowing I was able to have a positive impact on the lives of my students.”

 Ms. Ferrari is excited to continue working with students at iSucceed and one day hopes to see one of you return with your great success story to share with her. When it comes to advice, she has one important thing to tell you: Dream big and don’t give up!

Dare to do as much as you are able, apply yourself and never give up. We should always strive for the best results that we can achieve in everything we do.

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