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7 Reasons to Take Online High School Classes

By November 17, 2015Student Community

iS_OnlineHS_blogheaderAt iSucceed, we know you may have a lot of questions about online high school classes, and how it differs from traditional courses. That’s why we put together a list of the major benefits of taking online high school classes. Read the reasons below to see how iSucceed Virtual High School can help you today.

7 Benefits of Online High School Classes

1. Flexible schedule
 One of the great things about online schooling is that students benefit from a more flexible schedule. Because courses are 100% online, most of the work can be done on the student’s time, allocating more time for sports, extracurricular activities or studying a little longer to better understand concepts.

2. Learn discipline
With the benefit of a more flexible schedule comes the responsibility of discipline. Because online students complete courses on their own time, they learn to organize themselves and gain discipline to complete assignments and study effectively. Plus, our teachers are there for every student, checking up on them and making sure they are staying on pace so they don’t fall behind.

3. Get college ready
Through the gained advantage of discipline, online students can be better prepared for college. For one, they learn how to study and complete work on their own time, the way they will in college. For another, a blended model is becoming preferred method in traditional universities. That means no matter the university, there is likely to be an online aspect in the education.  At iSucceed, our students are comfortable with the idea of logging in and completing coursework, exams and doing research online.

4. More personalized support from teachers
Without having to divide their attention between 30+ students in one classroom, our highly-qualified instructors have more time for personalized instruction for every student. Through iSucceed Virtual High School, students will interact with their instructors via phone calls, emails, online tutoring sessions and instant messaging. Oftentimes, our students report they communicate more with their teachers than they ever did in a traditional school setting.

5. Catch up on credits
Because of our highly-qualified instructors providing personalized support, students at iSucceed don’t just recover credits; they actually learn the material until they master the subject. Plus, with our Quarter Schedule, adding on extra courses to recover credits is much more attainable than in a traditional school.

6. Get ahead and graduate early
Because we want every student to achieve their academic goals, we make it possible for our students to graduate early through our Quarter Schedule. Our students can take up to two extra courses every nine weeks, meaning they could earn up to eight extra credits in a school year! No matter the students’ goals, our guidance counselors work one-on-one with them to help each student achieve success.

7. Free laptops!
At iSucceed, we want to provide our students with the tools they need to excel in the online environment. That’s why every student receives a school provided laptop free of charge during their time with us. For more information, head to our web page.

Our next quarter block starts January 25, but you can start your online application today! Get started at

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