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Free Online High School Through iSucceed

iSuceed_free_highschool_headerAt iSucceed Virtual High School, we want to provide every student in Idaho with the opportunity to receive a quality education in the comfort of their homes, or anywhere they have access to the Internet and feel comfortable for that matter. That’s why we offer free online high school to all 9–12th grade students in Idaho, along with a school provided laptops so that every student can excel while at iSucceed.

Who is Eligible for iSucceed’s Free Online High School?

All students in grades 9-12th up to the age of 21 in the state of Idaho are eligible to enroll at iSucceed Virtual High School. Each student enrolled can apply for and receive a free school provided laptop to use during their time with us. That’s right, each and every student! The free school provided laptops are not limited to one per household, so if multiple siblings sign up for classes with us, they will each receive their own computer to use.

How to Get Started in Free Online High School at iSucceed

Enrolling with iSucceed is easy is simple! To get started on your online application, head to, fill out the form with your information, and wait to hear from an enrollment advisor who will work with you to gather all the necessary items to get you started in school.

What are Some Benefits of Getting a Diploma Online?

  • More one-on-one interaction with teachers through personal phone calls, emails, chatting and tutoring sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Focus on just three courses at a time
  • Learn discipline in completing assignments on time
  • Develop good, personal study habits before college

When Can I Enroll?

Because iSucceed follows a Quarter Schedule with three courses every nine weeks, students can get started multiple times throughout the school year. Our next quarter starts January 25, and you can get enrolled anytime before then, so be sure to start your application soon!

Start your application today by clicking HERE.

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