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Get Your High School Diploma Online With iSucceed

By September 17, 2015Student Community

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Since 2008, iSucceed has helped thousands of high school students earn their fully accredited free high school diploma online. Because we are completely tuition free and 100% online for every student in the state of Idaho, we have students from Coeur D’alene all the way down to Boise and everywhere in between enjoying a quality education that’s flexible to their needs.

Five Ways Getting a High School Diploma Online Prepares Students for College

1. Online students learn discipline
At iSucceed, there is no assigned seats or raising hands to ask to use the bathroom. Our students enjoy the freedom of completing their school work on their schedule, when and where they want. This comes with great responsibility as well. While our teachers are always available to help students stay on track, it’s up to the student to complete assignments and tests. Plus, our students have the responsibility of keeping their free school provided laptop in good condition for when they return it after graduation. All these things help our students gain discipline and become prepared for life after high school.

2. More flexibility
In college, students get to choose the time and day they want to attend classes and study. At iSucceed, students do the same, so why not start developing these personally structured schedules early? Our students can take advantage of working on their assignments when and where they want in order to balance the other activities in their lives, such as working a job or participating in student clubs. These options will also be available to them in college, so they will be prepared to manage their schedules rather than being overwhelmed!

3. Online students gain experience communicating with teachers outside a classroom
In a brick and mortar school, students see their teachers every single school day. At many colleges, classroom sizes can range anywhere from 100-500 students in a setting where the professor likely doesn’t know every student’s name.

This—combined with more online degree programs and online aspects being added to the classrooms—is the reason college students communicate with their professors less in person. Professors are more readily available via emails and phone calls, just like at iSucceed. Our teachers are available by phone, email, PSP messages and in-person tutoring so students can get the personalized support they need and get used to communicating with a teacher the way you would with a college professor.

4. Online students become familiarized with completing online assignments
Even students who attend college courses in person will most likely still have an online aspect in their curriculum. Now more than ever, in-person colleges have online assignments, exams and resources that our students are pros at utilizing because they got their high school diploma online! Our students are comfortable with the idea of logging in and completing coursework, exams, and even doing research online.

5. Our counselors will help you get ready for college
At iSucceed, our guidance counselors work hard to help our students prepare for life after high school. If you are thinking about getting a degree online or even in person, come to iSucceed! We will help you graduate and get prepared to go to the college you want to attend.

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