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12 Reasons to Choose iSucceed

At iSucceed Virtual High School, we can think of several reasons why you should switch! For your sake, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 12 reasons. Check them out below!

Reason 1: Enjoy your own School Provided Laptop free to every iSucceed student to use until graduation.


Reason 2: Graduate early or catch up on credits with our new Quarter Schedule.


Reason 3: Focus on just 2-4 courses at a time with blocks lasting nine weeks (new blocks starting every quarter).


Reason 4: Access your classes from anywhere with an Internet connection like a coffee shop, or even the great outdoors!


Reason 5: Get the attention you deserve with more one-on-one interactions from our highly-qualified teachers, advisors and guidance counselors.


Reason 6: Sleep in (if you want)!


Reason 7: Continue to participate in school events, students clubs, school dances,

graduation ceremonies and other social events with iSucceed.


Reason 8: Fit your flexible class schedule around the things that matter most in your life.


Reason 9: Meet new people from across Idaho and bring your friends with you!


Reason 10: Get reimbursed up to $15 a month for your Internet expenses!


Reason 11: Prepare for college with a quality education that includes Advanced Opportunities.


Reason 12: Best of all–iSucceed is completely tuition FREE!


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  • Do you have questions about enrolling with iSucceed? Share with us in the comments below; we’re happy to help!

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  • Brittney Lott says:

    i was wondering what the age limit was on this school? I am 20 and i need my diploma not a ged to get my career.

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Brittney. iSucceed is tuition free for all students under the age of 21, so you can come get your diploma your diploma through us. 🙂 To start your online application, head over to or call Candise at 908.208.6250. Thank you for your question. 🙂

  • Jonathan Cleveland says:

    I was wondering could you start classes over the summer? Also How many credits do you need to graduate, and do the current school credit count for the graduation for online school? I am currently in a catholic private school and I currently have 23 credits could those count also for the graduation amount of credits?

    • iSucceed says:

      Hi, Jonathan. We do not offer summer school, but we are currently enrolling for Quarter 4 classes starting April 3. As long as your private school is accredited, your credits should transfer over just fine. 🙂 Head to for more information, or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

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