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School Provided Laptops for iSucceed Students!

15_Laptops_for_Students_headerSay goodbye to those heavy textbooks! At iSucceed Virtual High School, we provide our students with the tools they need to excel at our school, and that’s why we supply laptops to all of our students upon request at no cost!

How it Works

Getting your school provided laptop is easy with iSucceed! Here are the steps:

1. Enroll as an iSucceed student. To start your online application, click here.

2. Tell your enrollment advisor you would like a laptop. Your enrollment advisor will work with you to gather all of the necessary information.

3. Eagerly await the arrival of our Chromebook shipped directly to your home! The school provided laptop is yours to use throughout your time at iSucceed.

Student Success Story

At iSucceed, we know our students benefit tremendously from getting to use our laptops free of charge, but don’t just take our word for it! One of our students was able to get a diploma because of our laptops, and we are proud to say through his hard work he successfully graduated and shared his story with us.

Gunner is a former iSucceed student who came to us because he suffered from bullying and other issues at his middle school. They had a laptop at home, but it was very slow and did not work well. When he switched to iSucceed, he was given a Chromebook, something that he would become even more grateful for later on in his high school career.

Gunner had always been close with his mother. Every morning, his mother would wake up at 5 a.m. so she could help him with homework and spend time with him before leaving for her job. At the beginning of his sophomore year she unexpectedly passed away, forcing Gunner to move way out in the country with his grandparents. His former teacher, Mary Carter, said at that time he was suffering emotionally and wanted to quit high school. But to Mrs. Carter, letting him drop out was not an option.

“He talked about dropping out at almost every study lab during his sophomore and junior years. I fully believe he would have fallen through the cracks during this time, had he not been with iSucceed and had our one-on-one support,” said Mrs. Carter.

Mrs. Carter continued to meet with him in person, tutoring him twice a week a  local coffee shop where Mrs. Carter told us he would faithfully bring his laptop. Eventually, Gunner pulled up his grades and received his diploma, which was a bittersweet moment as Mrs. Carter told us.

“On our last study lab, we submitted an exam in Geometry, which bumped him over to a passing final grade,” Mrs. Carter said. “He not only passed Geometry (his worst subject), but he had earned enough in every class and would indeed graduate high school. When we both realized it, we both burst into tears! It still makes me tear up typing this! It was bittersweet when he returned the laptop to me on our last day of school, as we both knew that laptop was the reason he was graduating high school!”

“If it weren’t for iSucceed and the laptop they gave me, I would not have graduated high school. I cannot be thankful enough for what they did for me!”
– Gunner, iSucceed graduate

  • Do you have questions about our school provided laptops? Share with us in the comments below; we’re happy to help!

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  • Stephen Fischer says:

    I’m already enrolled and received a laptop, but in our move the screen was cracked and it is just blank. Do I need to replace it, and how do I?

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