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Meet Katie Allison: Your New Principal!


Over the summer, iSucceed Virtual High School got a new principal! For many of you here at iSucceed, it’s someone you’ve come to know and love, so we thought we’d let you learn a little more about the life of iSucceed’s new principal.

Mrs. Katie Allison, head of school


Mrs. Allison has been with iSucceed since its opening in 2008, and since has helped many students excel in their learning. When she is not teaching, Mrs. Allison enjoys spending time with her family and—like a true Idohoan—loves being outdoors. In the picture below, you can see Mrs. Allison conquering the famous Sawtooth Wilderness hike.


Although she has served many roles since receiving her education in 1997, Mrs. Allison told us she is particularly excited for her new role at iSucceed.

“Through the years, I’ve seen several sets of students go through all four years with us, and I’ve been inspired by their motivation and tenacity,” said Mrs. Allison. “I’ve also come to know the iSucceed teachers and staff and they are some of the finest I’ve ever worked with. In fact, when I was asked to become head of school for iSucceed, my main reasons for accepting included the students and the people I would be working with.”

As the new principal, Mrs. Allison said she has some great plans to continue engagement in student’s learning, including online lab time for students to get more one-on-one time with teachers for more personal support, and implementing a 24 hour response turnaround on school days so that you will be able to communicate with your teachers even more than before.

When it comes to advice, Mrs. Allison wants to tell you students an important thing for acheiving success at iSucceed: Never be afraid to reach out to your teachers.

“If students are willing to communicate with their teachers…they will find that our teachers often go the extra mile to help them, and are there for them when they want to learn. Our teachers even added extra online lab hours to reach out to you; they are that dedicated!”
–Katie Allison, head of school

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