National School Choice Week: Choose iSucceed Virtual High School

At iSucceed, we believe students deserve a choice in their education. That’s why we’ve worked since 2008 to provide a tuition-free, quality online education for 9–12th grade students throughout Idaho.

January 22–28 is National School Choice Week (NSCW). Founded in 2011, the goal is “to raise public awareness of all types of education options for children.” In the spirit of NSCW, we want you to know that you always have a choice, even midway through the school year. If you’re not enjoying where you currently attend, consider choosing iSucceed Virtual High School.

Is iSucceed the Right Option for Me?

We often hear this question, and in most cases the answer is “yes!” iSucceed works to provide a tailored education, which makes it the preferred choice for many people.

iSucceed can be a great option for students who are: 

  • Looking to catch up on credits, or graduate early
  • Needing more individualized attention from teachers
  • Wanting a flexible schedule due to illnesses, family responsibilities, work or other extracurricular activities
  • Hoping to study from the comfort of their homes in a supportive online environment
  • Wanting to switch to online school, but don’t want to miss  ‘high school experience’

Programs Available at iSucceed

About iSucceed Virtual High School 

iSucceed is an accredited public charter school, which means it is tuition free and offers the same diploma as any traditional high school in iSucceed. Our curriculum is award-winning, engaging and split into three courses every nine weeks for reduced stress and better focus.

Quick Facts About iSucceed

  • Tuition Free
  • Accredited
  • 100% online
  • Rigorous, award-winning curriculum
  • Six-week courses
  • Interactive student life
  • Personalized support from highly qualified instructors and counselors

How Do I Switch to iSucceed Virtual High School?

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Head to
  • Fill out the form, located either to the right or bottom of your screen
  • Work with an enrollment advisor to turn in paperwork and get enrolled

We know transferring in the middle of the year sounds like a daunting undertaking, but it is more doable than you think! For tips to easing the transition to online school midyear, check out this blog post.

Student Spotlights: Sarah Geopel


At iSucceed Virtual High School, we have dedicated students who work hard to get their diplomas. That’s why we decided to start a Student Spotlight series, so we can shine the light on a few of our awesome students.

This month, we bring the story of a student who just finished her last quarter with iSucceed! Although she had a feel stumbling blocks, she got back on track and earned her diploma early. Check out her inspiring story below.

The Story of Sarah Geopel, recent iSucceed graduate

Geopel-CopySarah is an 18 year old who loves riding roller coasters, eating sweets, playing with animals, and trying new things. Among her interests includes getting to know others, and helping where she can.

“I absolutely love to talk to people,” said Sarah. “I enjoy having deep, thought-provoking conversations and also finding the time to have fun together.”

Another great thing about Sarah is her confidence in herself; she embraces being unique.

“I have a quirky, outgoing personality, and am often known for being smart. Although if you really get to know me, you’ll find out that I’m quite… different from other people. But I feel that it is a good thing to be different, and I want to share that with the world,” said Sarah.

At one point in her high school career, Sarah faced some challenges that set her back on graduating. But she decided she wanted to obtain her diploma, so she came back to iSucceed and worked hard.

“My goals [when I enrolled in iSucceed] were to get as good of grades as possible and to graduate early” said Sarah.

And despite coming to iSucceed behind on credits, Sarah did accomplish her goal and graduated a semester early with good grades.

“I feel proud because I managed to graduate a semester early, and I even finished that semester a few weeks early. On top of it, I even managed to get straight A’s,” said Sarah. “I don’t claim to be perfect, but I always try to work with what I have and move on in life.”

In her last quarter at iSucceed, Sarah was also diligently working toward earning her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license. Now that she’s graduated, she plans to finish CNA schooling and work in an assisted living home. Although, Sarah tells us that getting her CNA license is simply a first step to help her get funding to go to college for something she is passionate about.

“Nursing isn’t my passion, and I don’t know if I will further my education in it, but it is a good start to living on my own,” said Sarah. “Even though it probably won’t be my career path, I am still determined to do my best and make the residents’ lives better. After I’ve gotten myself established, I’m contemplating starting a career in the arts.”

When it comes to advice for other iSucceed students, Sarah has a few great tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! No matter how stupid the question, it doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is that you learn more and satisfy your curiosity.

2. Don’t be afraid to share other things with your teachers too, whether it’s something you read that you think they may be interested in or lesson material that you find inspiring.

3. Put forth your best effort! I know it may be tempting to put minimal thought into responses on things such as discussions and projects, but nothing worth doing is easy. It reflects well on you to try hard, and you just may learn something interesting too.

4. Have a great life! Make a difference in the world, don’t just be a bystander, and don’t fall victim to violence and peer pressure.

Check out this article to see how you can graduate early with iSucceed.

  • Do you have any encouraging thoughts you’d like to leave with Sarah? Share with us in the comments below!

iSucceed Curriculum Spotlights: Black History Month and Martin Luther King Jr.


Whenever you face an obstacle in life, you have two options: deal with it, or do something about it. At times, it will feel like you are not in control, and that’s when it’s important to look to powerful figures in history for inspiration. This month, we celebrate Black History and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Because we feel it imperative to educate our students on crucial American civic rights events, Primavera includes interactive articles and lessons in our coursework, which we’re featuring in this blog post. Learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. and other key contributors to civic rights below.

About Martin Luther King Jr.


“Martin Luther King Jr. was both a social activist and Baptist minister who became increasingly active in the fight for civil rights after facing countless moments of discrimination and racism.

By the early 1960s, MLK had become a national figure as he supported various efforts around the nation including sit-ins and other peaceful demonstrations. To this day, his words are echoed yearly and remembered as a turning point in the civil rights movement.”

Read more about Martin Luther King Jr. in this iSucceeed lesson.

Lesson 1: The Freedom Riders

“Beginning on May 4, 1961, 13 Freedom Riders—black and white, male and female—embarked on their challenge in two buses from Washington, DC. In a tag-team type system, hundreds of supporters of the movement joined for any length of bus ride they could commit to. The riders planned to end the trip in New Orleans on May 17, the seventh anniversary of the Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education desegregation decision. Riders were arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina, and then assaulted in Rock Hill, South Carolina, when they refused to obey ‘whites only’ regulations.”

Read the full lesson here.

Lesson 2: Rosa Parks

“Bone weary, Rosa Parks climbed aboard a public bus on a cold December morning in Montgomery, Alabama. She took a seat at the front of the bus, too tired to make the trip to the segregated section in the back. When asked to move, she refused. Failure to comply with the bus driver’s order to move to the ‘blacks only’ seating led to her arrest. This story would spark a powder keg that would disrupt the public transit system in Montgomery.

Rosa Parks’ arrest for refusing to give up her seat inspired a boycott of the Montgomery buses by African Americans in the city. Since 75% of the patrons were African American, the loss in revenue forced Montgomery officials to change the policies.

Learn more about Rosa Parks in this iSucceed lesson.

Lesson 3: The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

“With criticism from his supporters and progress seemingly reduced to a crawl, King began to make plans for another March on Washington. Yet, before this could happen, a labor strike broke out in Memphis in 1968. Sanitation workers, who were dissatisfied with their working conditions, wanted the support of King for their cause, and he agreed to come to their aid. On April 4, 1968, King was standing on the balcony of his hotel room in Memphis when a sniper shot him where he stood. Surrounded by his peers, King was pronounced dead at the St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Shortly after the fatal shot, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched an international manhunt. They were able to match fingerprints to James Earl Ray, a former convict.”

Read the full lesson here.

Coretta Scott King

Four days after MLK’s assassination, Coretta Scott King and her four children led 40,000 followers through the streets of Memphis, to remember and to continue King’s work by protesting the treatment of the city’s sanitation workers. Dr. King’s funeral would be held the next day in Atlanta, Georgia. The funeral was televised across the nation.

To this day, Martin Luther King Jr. is credited with being one of the greatest African American leaders of his time. His vision of what life should be like led him to encourage others to advocate for social justice by taking peaceful measures. Over time others would come to realize the dream of Dr. King.
This January as we celebrate both Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month, we hope you take some time to learn about the important men and women who fought for equality, and get inspired to make a difference in your own world. Remember, if you ever need any additional help or support, your guidance counselor is always available for you at 480.456.6678.
  • Students, did you enjoy the lessons you read in this blog? If so, you might want to consider enrolling with Primavera! Learning would look like this every day. ENROLL HERE.

How You Can Graduate Early Through iSucceed Virtual High School


At iSucceed, we believe in providing students with a personalized educational experience. That’s why we work individually with our students to help them achieve their academic goals. If you are a student looking to graduate early, iSucceed Virtual High School could be a great option for you.

Obtaining your diploma earlier than the standard four years is no easy task; it will take a lot of hard work. However, it is possible with iSucceed, and we’ll show you how below:

How to Graduate Early With iSucceed Virtual High School



Why are you more likely to graduate early with iSucceed than other schools?

How does iSucceed make graduating early more doable than traditional high schools? The answer: our quarter schedule.

iSucceed students typically complete three courses every nine weeks (two quarters add up to the traditional semester). Instead of juggling 6 courses at once, our students focus on just three courses at a time. This is a great model for reducing stress and improving retention. It is also a great model for helping students accelerate their graduation progress, as students can add on one additional course each block. By successfully completing three courses every nine weeks, you can earn six extra credits per school year!

How do I get started?

When you enroll with iSucceed, you will start with the standard three courses every nine  weeks. This is to ensure that the workload is not too much for you. Once you complete a block with good grades, reach out to your guidance counselor, and let her know you would like to accelerate your graduation progress. Once she approves, you will work with an enrollment advisor to add on the extra courses, and then you’re all set! Here are the steps again:

  • Step 1: Enroll with iSucceed. See how to enroll HERE
  • Step 2: Successfully complete one block with iSucceed
  • Step 3: Get approval from your guidance counselor to add on courses
  • Step 4: Work with an enrollment advisor to add on the extra course

Each year, hundreds of Primavera students graduate a full year early! While it takes a lot of hard work, it can open up a world of new opportunities.

  • Do you have a question for us? Share with us in the comments below or give us a call at 480.405.2703; we’re happy to help!


5 Reasons to Enroll With iSucceed Virtual High School in Quarter 3


iSucceed Virtual High School is a 100% online public charter school that is accredited and tuition free. We provide a quality education to 9–12th grade students throughout the Idaho.

Unlike other charter schools, iSucceed Virtual High School has no waiting list, and holds open enrollment quarterly. If you are not happy with your current high school, here are five reasons to consider making the switch this January 23.

5 Reasons to Enroll

1. Receive Personalized Support From Highly Qualified Instructors

There is a common myth that because online students aren’t in a physical classroom, they are left to complete coursework on their own. But in reality, students at iSucceed receive more one-on-one attention from instructors. Because our teachers are not in a classroom filled with 30+ students at a time, they have the ability to personally connect with each student via phone calls, emails, instant messaging and live online sessions. In fact, many of our students report that they receive more support here at iSucceed than they ever did at their old schools.

2. Catch Up or Get Ahead on Credits

iSucceed’s Quarter Schedule is a great model for helping students catch up on credits, or get ahead and graduate early. Our students take three courses every nine weeks, and can add courses with approval for a total of 4 extra credits in one school year. Learn more about the benefits of our Quarter Schedule in this cool infographic.

3. Have Flexibility in Your School Schedule

Because we are 100% online, students enjoy flexibility in their schedules. While there is weekly coursework and assignments to complete, students are welcome to work during the day, night or weekends if they choose. It’s a great option for those who work, have illnesses or family responsibilities, or who participate in time-demanding extracurricular activities.

4. Study From the Comfort of Your Home (Or Wherever You Want!)

Another benefit of 100% online: our students can study in the comfort of their home. As long as you have access to a computer and internet connection, you can complete coursework at home, at a coffee shop, during your work break or wherever you choose.

5. Enjoy Award-Winning, Engaging Curriculum

Our courses are accredited, award winning and extremely engaging. At iSucceed, you will receive a quality education, filled with instructional videos, educational games, graphic-novel-style historical stories and more to help you enjoy what you’re learning. Learn more about our curriculum in this blog post.

Quarter 3 classes start January 23, so be sure to get enrolled right away! If you’re worried about switching schools midyear, then check out some tips from this blog post.

Enroll at, or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  • Do you have a quick question for us? Share in the comments below; we’re happy to help!


Everything You Need to Know About Financial Aid and FAFSA


Seniors, it’s that time of year! To all of you graduating this semester, first off, congratulations! Now’s the time to start planning on financing your post-secondary education.

Many of you may be thinking you can’t afford college, but we’re here to say, “Yes, you can!” There are several forms of aid you can earn even if you don’t have straight A’s. You may also qualify for financial aid, or money granted to you by the Federal Government. This money is granted to college students with lower income, and you could get approved for a loan or a grant. To start, you’ll need to fill out a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Here’s what you need to know about FAFSA.

Items Needed to Complete FAFSA

  • Your social security number
  • OR your Alien Registration number if you are not a U.S. Citizen
  • Your parents’ most recent Tax Return forms, including W2 forms and any other form of income

How to Apply in Two Steps

Step 1: Head to the FAFSA site and start an application

  • You will need to create a PIN number. It can be hard to retrieve if you forget, so make it memorable!

Step 2: Fill out the entire form using the items above.

For more detailed instructions on the application process, check out this infographic.

A Few Important Things to Note

  • FAFSA opened January 1 and runs through about May
  • The earlier you apply, the better! Students who apply in January are much more likely to receive grants than those in May.
  • If you don’t think you will qualify, apply anyway! It’s free and you won’t know until you try.
  • Many scholarships require a FAFSA form, so if you plan to apply for any scholarships, be sure to complete your FAFSA form this month.
  • The May deadline applies to students attending college in the Fall 2017 semester. Students who are not attending until the Spring 2018 semester have until December 2017 to complete the form, but again, the earlier you apply the better.

No matter your plans after high school, be sure to take the time to fill out a FAFSA form. It certainly won’t hurt, and can potentially give you free money to use toward your education.

For any questions, you can always reach out to your guidance counselor! They are more than qualified and willing to walk you through applying. They’re available at 208.908.6250.

  • Students, what are your plans after high school? Share with us in the comments below!

iSucceed's Winter 2017 Roadshow


iSucceed is back on the road and ready to help you get you enrolled for the third quarter (Q3) this January 2017! This month, we will be at various locations throughout Idaho for you to come meet our staff, enroll onsite and enjoy some treats at our Info Session Road Show.

The Details

There will be multiple info sessions taking place throughout the state. Each event will have teachers and/or staff members on hand to answer your questions and help you get enrolled onsite.

Current iSucceed students are welcome to join as well! Come meet your teachers, receive or drop off your laptops and learn more about your school.

Did we mention there will be free refreshements available at many of the events? Check out the list below to see which Info Session works best for you.


January 12–14: North Idaho 

  • Friday, January 13 from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Starbucks 477100 US-95, Ponderay, ID 83852. Enjoy a free beverage!
  • Saturday, January 14 from 10:30 a.m. – noon at Springhill Suites Hotel. 2250 W. Seltice Way Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814. 

January 17–18: East Idaho

  • Tuesday, January 17 from 4 – 6 p.m.  at Towneplace Suites. 2376 Via Caporatti Dr. Pocatello, ID 83201.
  • Wednesday, January 18 from noon – 2 p.m. at Starbucks.  900 E. 17th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83404. Enjoy a free beverage!
  • Wednesday, January 18 from noon – 2 p.m. at Moxie Java. 430 Blue Lakes Blvd., N Twin Falls, ID 83301. Enjoy a free beverage!

January 19: Boise

  • 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the iSucceed Office. 6148 N. Discovery Way, Ste 120, Boise, ID 83713. This will also be an open house with presentations to attend.

Friday, January 20: Canyon County 

  • 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Moxie Java. 2201 N. Cassia St., Nampa, ID 83651. Enjoy a free beverage!

What to Bring

If you plan to enroll onsite, you will need to bring a couple important items with you. Check them out in the image below.


To see the full list of items, download our Enrollment Packet. Students who express a financial need will even get the chance to receive a Google Chromebook to use free of charge while they are enrolled.

Q3 classes start January 23. Start your online application today at

We will see you along the road!

  • Do you have questions about the Info Session Road Show? Share with us in the comments below; we’re happy to help!

Teacher Tips for Setting and Meeting 2017 Goals


Another year has come and gone. With the beginning of 2017 comes the opportunity to make New Year’s Resolutions. This year, you can shoot for the usual goals (get in shape, eat vegetables, etc) or you can take a leap and resolve to accomplish something you’ve always dreamed of. We asked teachers for some tips and tricks to setting and keeping goals, and received some incredible advice. Check them out below.

Advice from Teachers on Setting and Meeting Goals


A New Year Means New Opportunities…


“The past school year is your past and today you start over with a new slate, which is wiped clean. Today, we start setting goals for your academic classes.  By setting these goals and meeting them in 2017. It is one step closer to being a successful employee in the workforce or a successful college student.” – Tammy Young, exceptional student services


 So set goals you really want to achieve,

“Why wait to make a BUCKET LIST when you are old ?? Make your DREAM LIST now and post it all over your house. Make sure you are spending your time and money on at least your top THREE dreams.”
– Lee Russell, math instructor


And believe you can accomplish hard things

“Although the environment you live in may not be the best and may tell you that you are not worthy of being a success, I am here to tell you that you have the power to be as successful as you want to be. Never let others dictate who you are destined to become!”
– Donald Mitchell, assistant principal


Start by outlining your life plans. What do you want to do once you graduate?


“None of us know what will unfold. However, we can plan.  Learn to think critically about every decision you make. Outline a plan—attend college if you can, even if you are going into business for yourself. College has the environment to teach you the adult skills of critical thinking and the people you meet there will impact you for the rest of your life!”
– Steve Forrett, English instructor

Then seek advice and help from friends, mentors and counselors.

“There is always someone who has the ability to help you. You only have to take the time to stop and look for it.”
– Graciela Herrera, Spanish instructor


Just remember: You know what’s best for you

“Don’t let others make decisions for you. While it is wise to listen to others in regards to advice, you should only do what will make you a better person.”
– Graciela Herrera, Spanish instructor


Once you make a plan, start right away.

“Don’t hesitate at the beginning, get started right away!  It’s much less stressful to keep up than trying to catch up later.” Royce Gough, social studies instructor

When times get tough, persevere…


“So many times, life deals all of us challenges and rough blows. Regardless of your present circumstances remember — YOU have the ability to change your destiny. Never give up! Set goals one day at a time, one moment at a time.”
– Steve Forrett, English instructor

And forget about you for a moment–serve others.

“It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work, but when you take the time to help someone unfortunate, the world seems whole again.”
– Lee Russell, math instructor


Remind yourself that you are in control.


  “…(You) always have a choice on who you get to be and how you get to react to situations. Even though you might find yourselves in tough situations that you didn’t consciously choose or create, you can still choose their reaction. You can choose not to take things personally, to find the lessons in difficulties, to focus on the positive, and to always be kind.”
– Jessica Lefler, math instructor

Reward yourself with each small accomplishment.

“Know your weaknesses and turn them into rewards. If you like to surf YouTube videos or be with friends, then reward yourself with these websites AFTER you complete your daily goals, but not until then.” – Brie Benjamin-Baker, science instructor


Above all, follow these words of wisdom:



  • Do you have tips for accomplishing goals? Share with us in the comments below!

Get Started in the New Year With iSucceed Virtual High School


Another year has almost come and gone. 2017 is fast approaching, and with a new year comes the opportunity for a new beginning. As you make New Year’s Resolutions, it’s important to remember your educational goals. If you are struggling with your academics or simply aren’t enjoying your school, then resolve to make a change. Consider making the switch to iSucceed Virtual High School!

How to Get Enrolled With iSucceed Virtual High School

Enrolling with us is simple! Watch the video below for quick instructions.

For more detailed instructions on enrolling with iSucceed, head to this blog post.

Q3 Classes Start January 23!

iSucceed enrolls every quarter. Our next classes start January 23, so don’t delay!

Why Enroll With iSucceed?

  • Tuition-free, quality education
    iSucceed is a public charter school, which means it is tuition free and accredited. We are held to the same standards as other schools, and work to provide a rigorous, engaging online education with self-authored, award-winning curriculum.
  • More personalized attention
    Our teachers are highly qualified and provide students individual support through phone calls, emails, instant messaging and online tutoring sessions. Oftentimes, our students report that they receive more personalized attention with us than they did at their old schools.
  • Three courses every nine weeks
    iSucceed’s curriculum is structured into three courses every nine weeks for better focus, greater retention and reduced stress. Check out this cool infographic to learn more about our quarter system.
  • Ability to catch up or get ahead on credits
    Because of our nine-week blocks, catching up or getting ahead is more doable with iSucceed. Students can take additional courses each block with approval to earn a total of 6 extra credits each school year.
  • 100% online, flexible schedule
    iSucceed courses are 100% online, which means you can do schoolwork wherever you have access to a computer and the internet. It’s a great model for anyone needing flexibility due to demanding extracurricular activities, family responsibilities, illness or work.
  • Vibrant student life
    iSucceed hosts student clubs and an array of events, including monthly gatherings, a prom and live graduation ceremony. There’s a monitored online student community chat so that you can make friends in a fun, safe way.

Head to to get started, or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  • Do you have a quick question for us? Share with us in the comments below; we’re happy to help!

High School Their Way or Your Way: Winter Edition


Over the past couple of months, we’ve shown you different ways you can enjoy high school your way through Primavera Online. From the classroom setting to teacher support, attending high school online allows for a much more customized education.

High School Their Way or Your Way: Winter Edition

With winter in full force, we bring you a special Their Way/Your Way Edition, because high school online has its perks even in the winter! Check them out below.

Mornings Their Way…or Your Way?


There are some times in the winter where getting out of bed is your greatest accomplishment for that day. From the darkness to the bitter cold, having to then rush and catch the school bus on time can be brutal. Here’s another approach: You wake up, get ready, log in and start your school work! Just like the weekend, you can stay in your PJs every day…except we recommend binge watching our instructional videos and not Netflix.

Physical Education Their Way…or Your Way?


Whether it’s 100+ degrees or less than 30 degrees, extreme temperatures make for a rough day in P.E. class. Not to mention the awful smelling locker rooms, the not-so-fun games or being forced to play a sport you hate for the next two weeks. P.E. classes are different at iSucceed. Our students get to work with their P.E. instructor to create a workout plan of their own as they learn about nutrition and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The best part: if it’s too cold or hot outside, you can workout at your home or in a gym of your choice!

Lunch Their Way…or Your Way?


It’s safe to say that nobody loves the school lunches that look a blob monster sitting on the styrofoam tray. With school being 100% online, that means you can do what you want for lunch. If you decide you want to bake holiday cookies during your break, we won’t judge.

If you’re not enjoying high school, then we hope you consider making the switch! Classes start January 23.

If you’re worried about switching to another school in the middle of the year, head to this blog post for tips to make the transition smooth.

Get Started Here!