Financial Aid Night February 8

iSucceed_FinancialNight_headerSeniors, it’s that time of year! By now, you may have applied for colleges, and now it’s time to start thinking about funds. If the thought of applying for grants and loans leaves you stressed with too many questions, don’t worry! We’re here to help with our Financial Aid Night happening this Monday, February 8 in person and online at the iSucceed office!

Now, a lot of you may be thinking you can’t afford college, but we’re here to say “Yes, you can!” Read on to learn more about the details of iSucceed Financial Aid Night.

What will I learn?

On Monday, February 8 at 6 p.m., you can learn everything you need to know about getting funding for college. There will be an information session, and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have so you can get ready and become a financial aid pro!

What is Financial Aid and FAFSA?

Simply put, financial aid is money granted to you by the Federal Government. In order to receive the aid, all college students must fill out fill out a Free Application for Student Aid (FASFA) form. This money is granted to college students with lower income, and depending on if you qualify, you can either get approved for a loan or receive a grant, which is money given to you to attend college that you don’t have to pay back!

Who will be there?

In attendance will be some faculty and staff, along with iSucceed Guidance Counselor Crystal Sistoni. Ms. Sistoni is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys camping, fishing, backpacking and rafting. She has been in the great state of Idaho for over 20 years, and loves working with our students to help them stay on track and get ready for life after high school.

How do I attend?

For those of you near the Boise area, come to our office, located at 6148 N Discovery Way Ste 120 Boise 83713. We will also be live streaming the event starting at 6 p.m., so all can attend. To access the event online, open this Adobe link, log in with your student info and enjoy!

For any questions, reach out to Ms. Sistoni at

Three Things Only Online High School Students Enjoy

iS_3_Reasons_headerThere are endless advantageous of taking high school classes online at iSucceed, so we’ve condensed the list down to three benefits that our students enjoy. If you attend a traditional high school and can’t quiet relate but the following list seems appealing, trust us, it is!

Three Things Only Online High School Students Enjoy

1. Standing in Front of Fridge > Standing in Cafeteria Line

Food_vs (1)

So maybe you’ve caught yourself opening the refrigerator, scanning the inside and finding nothing appetizing, then moving on to the pantry, only to return to the refrigerator and repeat the process all over again. The fact that you get to choose what you want to eat–not to mention when you want to eat–adds a much more positive light to this entire ordeal though. At iSucceed, you operate on your own schedule, and do not have to oblige by a mandatory lunch hour or eat questionable cafeteria food!

2. You are Proud of Your Workspace

Mockup Scene Creator

Have you ever been jolted awake in class to find a small puddle of your own drool, or maybe worse, accidentally grazed your hand against some else’s chewed gum stuck to the bottom of one of the many tiny, uncomfortable desks you are assigned to sit at throughout the day? At iSucceed, you have the advantage of completing classwork in your own domain! If the epitome of comfort and efficiency is snuggling into a bean bag chair with your laptop, or even sitting at the kitchen table with music playing in the background, your workspace is entirely up to you.

3. Help Comes in Many Forms


If even the thought of raising your hand to ask a question in front of the entire class makes your cheeks burn with embarrassment, or you have anxiety about approaching a teacher or tutor after class for extra help, you can avoid all of that at iSucceed while still getting the attention you need. Our teachers are easily accessible by phone, email and chat messaging and are always happy to help. iSucceed allows students to better focus on their studies by offering only three classes at a time. Students are also able to learn at their own pace and spend more time on areas that they have trouble with, or move on quickly without having to wait for the rest of the class to catch up.

Enrollment for Quarter 3 has been extended to January 30! If you are interested in learning more about the life of an online high school student, talk to one of our enrollment advisors today at 208.908.6250! Or click HERE to start an online application.

  • Students, what’s your favorite part of online high school? Share with us in the comments below!

iSucceed Connections: Foreign Language Courses

iSucceed_conections_blogheaderAt iSucceed, we provide our students with the connections needed not only to graduate, but to excel while in high school. That’s why we have special resources that allow you to leave iSucceed with even more than just a fully-accredited diploma.

Did you know learning a second language could help you improve your grades? According studies conducted by the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages, high school students who study second languages perform higher in reading, math and even standardized tests. What’s more, becoming bilingual is always a great excuse to go and travel to another country!

If you’re considering learning a new language, iSucceed is a great place to start! We offer Spanish to all grade levels. To help you learn more, we asked one of our Spanish instructors, Angela Hunter, some important questions, and have the answers for you here! Read on to learn more about taking foreign language courses at iSucceed.

Who can sign up for foreign language courses?

Any student may sign up for a foreign language course. The only prerequisite is to take the classes in order. For instance, a student must take Spanish 1A and 1B before moving on to Spanish 2A.

Why should a student take a foreign language course in high school?

According to Ms. Hunter, there are a number of reasons why you should take foreign language in high school. Check out the list below.

  • Many higher education institutions  are now requiring at least two foreign language high school credits in order to be admitted.
  • Learning a foreign language provides students with the opportunity to explore new countries, customs and cultures. It helps students gain a broader view of the world.
  • Knowing a foreign language gives students an edge in the job force as many employers seek this skill.
  • Taking foreign language courses can actually help you understand your own language better. Taking a foreign language can help you in your English course!
  • Experiencing a foreign language in high school can help you to gain a basic understanding of the language if considering a foreign exchange program or travel.

What are some benefits of learning a foreign language through iSucceed? 

Learning a foreign language through iSucceed offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace. Learning a language can be difficult, but students are able to stay with a concept until they master it instead of being lost as the rest of the class moves on.

iSucceed also offers a variety of ways for students to display their learning such as discussions, projects, audio recordings, quizzes, workbooks and tests.

What advice would you give to a student wanting to learn another language?

If you really want to learn the language, Ms. Hunter says there is one main thing you should do in order to be fluent: Try to immerse yourself in it as much as possible. Below you will find a list of ways to achieve this.

  • Listen to music in the target language.
  • Watch movies in the target language. Use subtitles in English to aid in comprehension.
  • Label things around you at home in the target language.
  • Find a native speaker to practice speaking the language with.
  • In addition to learning the language, also learn about the culture, as language and culture are connected.
  • Find free online resources to aid in your learning. Play games and watch instructional videos to help you understand it better.
  • Download a free app such as Duolingo and practice on the go.
  • If possible, visit a country where the language is spoken.
  • Visit a restaurant that serves traditional food and practice ordering and conversing in the target language.

But perhaps this is the most important piece of advice Ms. Hunter could give you:

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. That is how you learn! If you never dare practice conversation, you will never get anywhere. Have a sense of humor about your mistakes and move on.

Practice, practice, practice! When it comes to learning a foreign language, if you don’t use it, you lose it!”
– Angela Hunter, iSucceed Spanish instructor



10 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions


Although it’s only been about two weeks since we celebrated the start of 2016, many of us may have already forgotten some of the promises for change or goals we set for ourselves as part of our New Year’s resolutions. Even if you haven’t been fully committed, it’s not too late to start putting in the effort. Here’s some tips for sticking to it

1. Stay positive

You chose your New Year’s resolutions with the intention of bettering your life. If you are constantly beating yourself over not living up to your own expectations, the purpose becomes self-defeating. Instead, try focusing on all the positive aspects you are gaining. For example, if your goal was to lose weight, and you haven’t really seen the numbers budge on the scale, try thinking about how much more energy you have from eating healthier or focus on your new found love of being outdoors while you continue to exercise. After all, Idaho is such a beautiful place to explore!

2. Write it down everywhere

Writing down your goals can help as a reminder to yourself that every day you stay committed, you are one step closer to achieving success. Whether it’s keeping a journal and writing a few lines about what you did each day to reach your goal, keeping a log of improvements, or even writing on sticky notes and placing them in places that will always catch your attention and keep you on track, these are all ways to help flow your thoughts to reality!

3. Tell your friends

Sharing your personal goals with your friends will not only help build the bond between you, but also keep you accountable. If your friend knows that your New Year’s resolution is to practice better manners and they see you holding the door open for someone or giving your seat up on the bus, your friend will not only be impressed, but they are likely to share how proud they are of you. This is a great way to boost your self-esteem and keep you on track to reaching your goal.

4. Read up

Always keeping your New Year’s resolution fresh in your mind will help you maintain your focus and commitment. Not all goals will become easier by reading a how-to book, but there are many ways you can direct your attention and stay motivated. Maybe you want to dress better in 2016? Don’t be afraid to pick up a magazine or begin reading a fashion blog about style. Even watching YouTube tutorials on easy hairstyles or makeup tutorials will keep you involved and trying new ways to reach your goal!

5. Set a plan

Achieving goals doesn’t happen overnight. Taking small steps will be more attainable, and with each victory you will be reminded that you are making progress. By setting a plan, you can take into consideration all of the different ways your New Year’s resolution affects your life positively. If you want to save a certain amount of money, part of your plan could be to do activities with your friends that cost nothing. The next thing you know, you have become a great host because you invite your friends over to watch the game and you whipped up some killer bean dip to save money on going out for pizza and wings to catch the game. Or maybe instead of getting your nails done at the salon, you can invite your friends over and ask them to each bring their favorite nail polish, and suddenly you’re rocking a totally unique manicure with a color that you’ve never seen at a salon, and you saved a ton of money and got to hang out with your friends!

6. Get organized with an online app

Using an app can help you keep track of your progress and keep you excited about your goal. If your New Year’s resolution was to switch to a vegetarian diet, for example, you could download the Pinterest app and create a vegetarian board to pin different recipes. This way, you will come across so cool tricks and tips, and will be less likely to get bored of eating a certain way because you will have endless new recipes to try.

7. Set a pace

Having a realistic time frame in mind will help you stick to keeping your New Year’s resolution. Many of us will blurt out a resolution, but won’t think up a plan to stay motivated. If your goal is to be able to run a mile without stopping, set an achievable pace to help yourself get there.  During week one, push yourself to walk for 10 full minutes. Then the next week you could increase it to 15 minutes. After a month of progress, you will feel your body becoming stronger and will be able to push yourself further. You can then start challenging yourself in increments, like running for five minutes without stopping, then 10, then 20. Building up your momentum over the course of time will help keep you from burning out.

8. Reward yourself after each accomplishment

Each victory on your path to success deserves recognition, no matter how small. Say your New Year’s resolution was to reduce the stress in your life, so you decided to take up yoga. Once you master a certain pose, or even find yourself practicing deep breathing during stressful situations, reward yourself in a way to help continue to reach your goal. You can do this by asking your sibling for a back massage, or getting a soothing candle to light during meditation. Self-validation in the form of the small rewards will help you to continue improving.

9. Share your success

When you set out to change yourself for the better, and you take successful steps in getting there, you should be proud! You might be surprised by how suddenly, people look up to you and want to know your ‘secret’ to achieving your goals. Be honest along the journey, and share your story of the hard work and determination it takes. 

10. Reach out for help

If you still find yourself feeling discouraged, even after trying all of these tips, don’t be afraid to talk to someone. There are many people in your life who want to help you and see you happy. By simply asking, you could find mentorship from a close friend, classmate, aunt or uncle, and even from a teacher or guidance counselor. Many people are willing to listen if all you need to do is vent, which sometimes makes you feel tons better, or even offer suggestions because they were once in your shoes. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

  • What are your New Year’s resolutions? Share with us in the comments below!

Three Ways iSucceed Can Help You With Credit Recovery


At iSucceed, we believe in helping you achieve all your academic goals. That’s why we have 100% online courses and dedicated, highly-qualified instructors ready to help. If you are in need of credit recovery, look no further! In fact, we can think of several reasons why you should catch up on credits with us; for you sake, we’ve narrowed it down to three. Check them out below!

Three Ways Credit Recovery is Better With iSucceed

1. Personalized instruction

One of the benefits of an online education is that our teachers have more time to provide individualized attention to each of our students. With iSucceed, you will be able to get personalized support from teachers through phone calls, emails, instant messaging and online Synchronous Sessions to help you master each subject and recover credits.

2. Flexible schedule

Another benefit that comes only through online high school is flexibility in your school schedule. While you are expected to participate in online discussions and must complete specified amounts of coursework each week, you have the freedom to work around your schedule. So enjoy some more zzz’s or wake up early to start your day off right, and as always, work hard!

3. Quarter system

The best reason to recover credits at iSucceed yet: We follow a Quarter Schedule with nine-week long courses. No need to worry about six finals, or six projects all due at once here! With iSucceed, you take an average of three courses each quarter to help you focus on what you’re learning and even catch up on credits.

How does the Quarter Schedule help you catch up? You can add an additional course (up to a total of 4 courses) every quarter to help you graduate on time. Because you’re taking three courses and not six like you would at a traditional school, adding on another course or two is much more doable at iSucceed. A few of our diligent students who came to iSucceed for credit recovery have even been able to catch up so quickly that they are set to graduate early!

How to Enroll in Credit Recovery at iSucceed

Step 1: Enroll with iSucceed Virtual High School.

Step 2: Talk with your guidance counselor and let her know you’re looking to recover credits.

Step 3: Complete one quarter with good grades.

Step 4: Talk with your guidance counselor to add additional courses to your load, for a total of four* courses per quarter.
*In special circumstances with a guidance counselor’s approval, students can take five courses at a time. 

Step 5: Work hard and earn your high school diploma!

After a full school year with iSucceed, students can earn up to nine extra credits, not counting summer school!

Boise State University Scholarship Opportunity


If you’re a senior considering attending Boise State University (BSU) in the fall, you won’t want to miss out on this scholarship.

We know how scary trying to apply for any financial aid can be. Between essays, lengthy paperwork and sometimes even interviews, the thought can be overwhelming! But luckily, this is not one of those scholarships. There’s no essay, no interview and the process is pretty simple for such a great payoff of $8,000! Check out the details below.

True Blue BSU Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be an Idaho resident. Can someone say, “check?!”
  • Apply for and get accepted into BSU for the fall 2016 semester
  • Must fill out a Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FASFA) and qualify for a pell grant.
  • Minimum score of 25 on ACTs or 1130 on SATs
  • An unweighted GPA of 3.3 or higher is required

How to Apply for the Scholarship

  • Fill our a FASFA application if you haven’t already
  • Apply for BSU no later than February 15
  • If you meet the above criteria, then you should expect to see a letter in the mail granting your scholarship!

Remember, if you have any questions about life after high school, reach out to our counselor! She is always ready and willing to help you with any questions you may have regarding college or financial aid. Email her at

Tour the BSU Campus!

iS_BSU_Tour_header (1)Hey, students! If you are considering attending an in-state university after graduation, then we’ve got a great opportunity for you!

This Monday, January 11 at 1 p.m., iSucceed is taking a tour of Boise State University (BSU) and you’re invited! Come meet classmates and walk through the beautiful campus of BSU.

CorrectCrystalAttending the tour will be Guidance Counselor Crystal Sistoni. Ms. Sistoni is an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys camping, fishing, backpacking and rafting. She has been in the great state of Idaho for over 20 years, and loves working with our students to help them stay on track and get ready for life after high school.

“I am thrilled to be here at iSucceed Virtual High School,” said Ms. Sistoni. “I truly enjoy working with students and their parents. My life experience and education has prepared me for this amazing journey as a high school counselor, and I am delighted that I get the opportunity to help support students, staff and parents.”

She will be at the Student Union Building in the admissions office of BSU, ready to walk through the campus and learn more about the university. Here’s the details:

BSU Tour Details

  • Tuesday, January 11 at 1 p.m., located at Boise State University, 1910 University Dr., Boise, ID 83725.
  • Meet in the Admissions Office within the Student Union Building
  • Free parking will be provided

To RSVP, send an email to Ms. Sistoni at CSistoni@iSucceedVHS.Net, or give her a call at 208.375.3116, extension 1004.

We will see you there!

iSucceed Q3 Road Show


iSucceed is back on the road and ready to help you get you enrolled for our third quarter (Q3)! This month, we will be at various locations throughout Idaho for you to come meet our staff, enroll onsite and enjoy some treats at our Info Session Road Show.

The Details

There will be multiple events happening all next week. Each event will have staff members and teachers for you to come meet, ask questions and get enrolled onsite. There will even be free food available at many of the events! Check out the list below to see which Info Session works best for you.


Tuesday, January 12: Lewiston& Couer d’Alene

  • Blue Lantern Coffee at noon 326 Main St., Lewiston, ID 83501
  • Marriott Springhill Suites at 6 p.m. 2250 W. Seltice Way Coeur d’Alene ID, 83814

Wednesday, January 13: Sandpoint

  • 2nd Ave Pizza at 6 p.m. 215 S. 2nd Ave, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Tuesday, January 19: Twin Falls, Burley & Pocatello

  • Shari’s at noon. 1601 Blue Lakes Blvd N, Twin Falls, ID 83301
  • Nostalgia Coffee and Cafe at 2 p.m. 1332 Albion Ave, Burley, ID 83318
  • Pocatello Towne Place Suites at 6 p.m. 2376 Via Caporatti Dr, Pocatello, ID 83201

Wednesday, January 20: Idaho Falls

  • Hastings Hardback Cafe at 10 a.m. 540 E 17th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Thursday, January 21: Caldwell & Boise

  • Moxie Java at 3 p.m. 2704 E. Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605
  • iSucceed Main Office at 5 p.m. 16148 N. Discovery Way, Suite 120, Boise, ID, 83702

What to Bring

If you plan to enroll onsite, you will need to bring a couple important items with you. Check them out in the image below.


To see the full list of items, download our Enrollment Packet. Students who enroll onsite and fill out an application will even get the chance to take home a school provided laptop!

Q3 starts January 25. Start your online application today at

We will see you along the road!

  • Do you have questions about the Info Session Road Show? Share with us in the comments below; we’re happy to help!

Easy DIY Holiday Sweater: From Ugly to Ugliest!


As the cold weather arrives, so too appear the dreaded ugly sweaters! Seen out at Holiday parties and even the home during the ABC holiday special binging events on the couch, these atrocious articles of clothing have gotten more creative and–dare we say–uglier! The tradition has gone so viral, in fact, that it even has its own holiday.

National Ugly Sweater Day is this Friday, December 18. Now, if you’re thinking you don’t have an ugly sweater, we’d beg to differ! Even the simplest of sweaters can turn into the perfect ugly holiday sweater with a couple household, everyday decorations. Check out some ideas below!


How to Make Your Ugly Sweater Look Uglier

While this extravagantly ugly sweater may look complicated, it’s pretty simple!

Here’s some objects you can put on your ugly sweater ready for the upcoming festivities:

uglysweater_items (1)

  • Sweater from your closet (Or purchased for this occasion, if you prefer!)
  • Yarn, garland, tinsel or blinking lights to make stripes
  • Ornaments, or thin props to add throughout the sweater
  • Bells or anything else loud and obnoxious!
  • Your favorite stuffed animal (because why not?)

To put together the sweater, you can use whatever you have! Either make it more permanent with hot glue, or have a temporary ugly sweater using rubber bands, safety pins or binder clips. Whatever you do, you can be sure to have a great sweater just like Peyton’s!

Once you’ve put together your masterpiece, don’t forget to tag us in your uploaded photo on Facebook! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Teacher Spotlight: Christina Ferrari

iS_Teacher_Spotlight_header_FINALWhen it comes to students, our teachers at iSucceed Virtual High School would travel the world to help you achieve your goals. Literally. Well, at least for Ms. Christina Ferrari, that is!

2015-09-05 16.44.37Ms. Ferrari is an online instructor here at iSucceed who loves writing, reading, gardening and traveling. She is also from Australia where she taught for over 20 years. While she loved her job in Australia, she traveled around the globe to help students achieve their academic goals here at iSucceed.

For the past two years, Ms. Ferrari has taught Speech and other courses at iSucceed. Ms. Ferrari told us that being the Speech and Senior project teacher has helped her gain a special love for our students because of their creativity, diversity and hard-working attitudes.

“Many students (at iSucceed) have struggled in traditional brick and mortar settings, they tell me that they didn’t like school and under achieved. At iSucceed I see them thrive; not only do they enjoy learning, they earn good results and this is very rewarding for me as a teacher,” said Ms. Ferrari. “Teaching Speech means that my students deliver video recorded speeches and I learn so much about what bright, diverse and clever people they are. I am so often taken aback by the level of creativity and the interpersonal skills my students have.”

Since she started, Ms. Ferrari has loved her job. To her, the best part of teaching is seeing students find success in their lives.

“Empowering young people through positive and constructive interaction is the most fulfilling thing for me,” said Ms. Ferrari. “When I meet up with my former students and see how successful they are in their careers it is the greatest reward.”

Just last year, Ms. Ferrari reaped that most rewarding part of being a teacher. When she went to her hometown in Australia for a vacation, her former students decided to surprise her with a visit. To her astonishment, these students who had struggled in school were now very successful. Check out the story below:

“I recently travelled back to Australia where I am from for a family visit. When word got out that I was coming, many of my former students arranged to meet up with me. They thanked me for teaching them the skills they needed as they moved on through school and the workplace. One student who was a refugee from Africa… He told me that being in my class helped him learn how to write essays so well that when he went to college he was one of the few students in his year who did not struggle. He did very well at college and now has an impressive corporate job. As a teacher nothing could make me happier than knowing I was able to have a positive impact on the lives of my students.”

 Ms. Ferrari is excited to continue working with students at iSucceed and one day hopes to see one of you return with your great success story to share with her. When it comes to advice, she has one important thing to tell you: Dream big and don’t give up!

Dare to do as much as you are able, apply yourself and never give up. We should always strive for the best results that we can achieve in everything we do.

  • Do you have a teacher you love here at iSucceed Virtual High School? Share with us in the comments below!