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School Provided Laptops

Laptops Provided by iSucceed Virtual Schools

At iSucceed Virtual Schools, we believe in providing our students opportunities to learn and grow while preparing them for their future by utilizing a personalized, one-on-one approach to education. That’s why we equip our students with the tools they need to thrive in the online environment.

School Provided Laptops

A computer or laptop is of course necessary while enrolled with an online school. We understand that not all students have access to a personal computer or laptop. To assist, the school will loan a Google Chromebook to any student that needs one. During the enrollment process, let your enrollment advisor know that you need a laptop, and they will work with you to complete the required form. Once complete, you’ll receive a laptop to use for academic purposes. The laptop must be returned to the school at the time of withdrawal or graduation.

Monthly Stipends

Another necessity while enrolled with an online school is Internet! At iSucceed, we assist with a portion of this cost. Any student can request a monthly stipend to help with their Internet costs. The stipend is reserved for students who maintain full time enrollment for a minimum of one semester (two quarters) and are successful in their classes. Upon approval, the school will provide up to $15 compensation per month, per household. The stipends are approved and distributed twice annually; once after the first semester (Quarter 1 and 2), and again after the second semester (Quarter 3 and 4). For more information on the stipend program, click here.