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Our courses are 100% online, accredited and tuition free to all full-time 9–12th grade students in Idaho.

Applying for iSucceed is easy! Get started in your courses in just three simple steps.

STEP 1: Fill out our online application to start the process! Click on the Online Application button below.

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STEP 2: Send in your enrollment documents. After you complete and submit the application, you will need to submit your completed enrollment packet (click on button below) to our offices, along with your enrollment documents listed in the packet.

Enrollment Packet

STEP 3: Select your schedule with our Counselors. A counselor will be in touch with you via the email address and phone number you provided in your application to assist you in course selection.

Have questions or need some assistance with the enrollment process? iSucceed’s enrollment team is here to support you. Just email us at: info@isucceedvhs.net or give us a call at 208.908.6250!

Quarter 3 begins on Monday, January 22.  

Quarter 4 begins on Thursday, April 5.

Enroll today at isucceedvhs.net/enroll.  

“My favorite thing about iSucceed was the flexibility of the schedule, because I was really into piano and really into music but didn’t necessarily have the time do that when I was in a brick and mortar school.” ~ Matthew, Class of 2012 Salutatorian



Thank you for choosing iSucceed!

60 thoughts on “Enroll Now

  1. do you offer summer courses? if not can i take just one or two course during the regular school year?

  2. Hi, Natasha. You would have to enroll full time with iSucceed. However, we are certainly able to help you graduate on time with your class. 🙂 You can get started here, or give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  3. Can i just take exra courses that i need to take to graduate im in school but im trying to graduate the year im supposed to graduate and thats next school year

  4. I filled out the enrollment application for my daughter and just need to know next steps. The log in and password set up for her is deactivated and mine just says no active students so I wasn’t able to validate I did everything I needed to for the application.

  5. Hi, Felicity. As of now, we do not offer part-time enrollment; you would have to enroll full-time with iSucceed. However, we are looking into offering summer school this summer 2018. Stay tuned as we post more information! 🙂

  6. Hello we are planning on enrolling our son next year as a freshman He is in 8th grade now. When does enrollment start for that?

  7. Hi, Felicity. Unfortunately, we do not offer summer school or concurrent enrollment. If you’d like to learn more about enrolling full-time with iSucceed, give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  8. I’m helping my sister get enrolled. When I went to this school, we just faxed my enrollment packet in. Can we do that for hers as well, and if so what is the fax number? Thank you.

  9. Hi, Tia. We are tuition free, but unfortunately, iSucceed is only available to 9–12th grade students who are Idaho residents. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  10. Hi Kelsey. We only enroll every quarter; however, we have a great program to help you catch up quickly! Give us a call at 208.908.6250 to see what we can do for you. 🙂

  11. Would I be able to enroll in the middle of the quarter? My current high-school is trying to drop me for absences and I want to make sure I don’t fall behind.

  12. Hello, due to my current situation I would like to take iSucceed and continue going to my High School, but I would only be taking two elective classes there. I talked to my counselor and she said all I have to do is enroll in an online school and then get a deul enrollment form from the school to give to them. Would I be able to do that with iSucceed?

  13. Hi Kaiden. Thanks for the question! Most accredited schools are able to transfer credits to iSucceed no problem! As for graduating early, our quarter block schedule can very likely make that happen for you! For better answers to your questions, feel free to give us a call at 208.908.6250.

  14. Hi my name is Kaiden. This coming year (2017) I would like to take this online schooling. I was curious if my credits from my current school, New Plymouth High School, would transfer to this online school. If so would I be able to graduate earl?

  15. Hi, Levi. iSucceed holds the same graduate requirements as traditional schools in Idaho. We have options to help you graduate early! Give us a call at 908.208.6250 so we can get you started. 🙂

  16. How many credits are required to graduate and what type of classes do you have. And is there any way I can graduate early.

  17. Hi, Lynn. For your particular situation, go ahead and give our enrollment advisor, Candise, a call at 208.908.6250. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  18. Hello, I have a couple questions. I would like to take isucceed and still go to my highschool in Burley, would the credits from here and my highschool add together so I can graduate early? Also, am I able to take thsee classes during the summer?

  19. Hi, Briana. Our next quarter starts March 30, but you can always call our enrollment advisor to see if we can work with you. Our number is 208.908.6250. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  20. Hi, Briana. Our next quarter starts March 30, but you can always call our enrollment advisor to see if we can work with you. Our number is 208.908.6250. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  21. Hi, Monica. Students at iSucceed take 2-4 courses a quarter, so there is definitely a chance you could earn all four credits in the fourth quarter alone. Give us a call at 208.908.6250 to talk with an enrollment advisor and see how we can help you today. 🙂 If you’d like, you can also start on your online application by clicking HERE. Thanks for the question!

  22. Hi, Alma. Our third quarter started today (January 25), but you can still enroll through this Friday! You can start your online application here or give us a call at 208.908.6250. Thanks for the question. 🙂

  23. Would I be able to enroll during fourth quarter? Fourth quarter at my school begins before this one would I be able to enroll

  24. Hi, Lilly. Great questions! Primavera has enrollment dates every two weeks so you can enroll at a time that works best for you. Because we are fully accredited with highly-qualified instructors, a diploma earned at Primavera is equivalent to any other high school. To learn more about online school, check out our blog post. Or click HERE to get started on your application. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  25. I am very interested in your school. However, I have a few questions.
    When is the deadline to apply?
    What is the impact of choosing an online high school on trying to get in to college or my employment opportunities? Will it change my chances of getting into college or getting a good job in the future?

  26. Hi, Amber. Our next quarter doesn’t start until January 25, but we are always happy to talk with you about your situation! You can apply online or give our enrollment advisor, Candise Cole, a call at 208.908.6250. Thank you for your question! 🙂

  27. I currently go to Vallivue High but I just can’t finish out the 2nd quarter due to my stress, anxiety, and personal problems. My parents have agreed to let me drop out but would I have to finish off this quarter to be able to enroll here or could I drop out now and start up when your 3rd quarter starts?

  28. Hi, Jay. Sounds like iSucceed could be a great fit. 🙂 Our next quarter starts January 25, but our counselors are happy to work with your needs. You can apply online, or give us a call at 208.908.6250. Thanks for the question!

  29. Hi there Im Jay, Im currently attending Capital High school but Im not doing very well in school at the moment, too much pressure and I feel like educationally Im not receiving the help I need, also I have social anxiety. So its very hard for me. If I want to enroll, do I have to wait until second semester?

  30. Hi I am Becca, the school I am going to isnt online but it is too stressful for me, so I know its second quarter already but can I still join??

  31. Hi, Destiny. Enrollment for iSucceed’s second quarter has actually been extended through this Friday, November 6! You can start your application here and get started right away. Thank you for your question. 🙂

  32. Hello, I am set to start at central academy tomorrow the 2nd of November but I am very interested in starting Isucceed as soon as possible! When would be the soonest available start date?!

  33. Hey I’m Dean, I was wondering if it is possible to join isucceed mid school year. Perhaps second semester?

  34. Hello,
    I just started at borah high school but then I just found Isucceed and I think it would be a good fit with me, but I missed the orientation and the first day, could I still go here?

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