As the student, you are the heart of your education. At iSucceed, you can make the choice and determine your own future through our online high school programs.

As the parent or guardian, you provide the elements vital to your teenager’s success and help influence his or her decision and confidence to succeed.

As the school, iSucceed Virtual High School is the support, the body and the educational process that helps make sure you don’t miss a beat in your education! Our teachers are certified by the state of Idaho, and are known for being helpful and caring. Our educational process facilitates open communication with both students and parents. Your success is our priority, and we believe in you.

Participation in study labs, events and teacher live sessions is encouraged as part of the educational process. Students will also be presented with additional opportunities, including scholarship notifications, clubs and committees.


iSucceed offers a rigorous curriculum with a robust choice of classes aligned to state and national standards. All coursework is completed online via a variety of interactive technology. Our curriculum is designed to serve a wide range of students with such courses as foundation, core, credit recovery, and honors. We also offer a broad array of electives to enhance each student’s educational experience and to promote the learning of real-world skills.


iSucceed’s highly-qualified instructors follow the philosophy of recognizing each student’s individual potential to learn and achieve academically. Instructors actively engage students in learning through daily discussion boards and constructive feedback on papers and projects. Consistent support comes through weekly phone calls, messaging, emails and blogs. These pathways help to connect our students, parents and instructors, and lead them toward the mutual goal of academic success and high school graduation.

What’s your favorite part of iSucceed Virtual High School?

Help from caring teachers and their patience with the students. –Trish, iSucceed student


iSucceed is an Idaho public online high school, authorized by the Idaho Public School Charter Commission. iSucceed graduates earn the opportunity to walk at our annual graduation ceremony upon completion of the well-defined graduation requirements. iSucceed awards fully accredited, Idaho-approved online high school diplomas that are recognized by colleges and universities nationwide. All of our students are required to take and pass the requisite state exams in order to graduate. An iSucceed diploma is not a GED, nor is it any different from the degree a student would receive from a local, Idaho public high school.

If you’re not already on the path to success and an accredited Idaho diploma, don’t wait to contact us for more information or to enroll at iSucceed Virtual High School now.