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Why iSucceed?

iSucceed is Idaho’s online public high school! We’re 100% online and 100% about the students and their families. At iSucceed, students get flexibility and freedom to balance accredited coursework with lifestyle commitments.

Students can take three courses every nine weeks to focus on what they’re learning. All classes are online and lead students on a path toward graduation. Plus, our students receive school provided laptops and a variety of events and study labs for successfully enrolled students.

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Get Your Accredited High School Diploma Online

At iSucceed we offer a full curriculum of state-approved courses for Idaho students who want to achieve more, graduate faster, or simply succeed in their own way. iSucceed Virtual High School has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) since its inception and is recognized by the Idaho Public School Charter Commission. This means that an iSucceed diploma is recognized by colleges, universities, and employers and is as valuable as a degree from any Idaho high school. To learn more information, head over to our Academics page.


We Fit Your Schedule!

We allow our students to advance at their own pace and provide them with a flexible schedule that accommodates work or family responsibilities. Freedom of location promotes learning for all students, and having access to computers and phones facilitates one-on-one connections with certified instructors and mentors, for those who need more personalized attention.

The iSucceed team is committed to working with students and parents in an ongoing partnership that serves as a high-quality educational option. Once you see what iSucceed is about, we are confident you will make the same decision that over hundreds of students make every year.