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Our courses are 100% online, fully accredited and tuition free to all full-time 9–12th grade students in Idaho. Applying for iSucceed is easy! Get started in your courses in just three simple steps.

STEP 1: Fill out our online application to start the process! Click on the Online Application button below.

Online Application

STEP 2: Send in your enrollment documents. After you complete and submit the application, you will need to submit your completed enrollment packet (click on button below) to our offices, along with your enrollment documents listed in the packet.

Enrollment Packet

STEP 3: Select your schedule with our Counselors. A counselor will be in touch with you via the email address and phone number you provided in your application to assist you in course selection.

Have questions or need some assistance with the enrollment process? iSucceed’s enrollment team is here to support you. Just email us at: enrollment@isucceedvhs.net or give us a call at 208.908.6250!

Quarter 3 starts Monday, January 25. Get started on your online application today!  

“My favorite thing about iSucceed was the flexibility of the schedule, because I was really into piano and really into music but didn’t necessarily have the time do that when I was in a brick and mortar school.” ~ Matthew, Class of 2012 Salutatorian



Thank you for choosing iSucceed!

10 thoughts on “Enroll Now

  1. Hello,
    I just started at borah high school but then I just found Isucceed and I think it would be a good fit with me, but I missed the orientation and the first day, could I still go here?

  2. Hey I’m Dean, I was wondering if it is possible to join isucceed mid school year. Perhaps second semester?

  3. Hello, I am set to start at central academy tomorrow the 2nd of November but I am very interested in starting Isucceed as soon as possible! When would be the soonest available start date?!

  4. Hi, Destiny. Enrollment for iSucceed’s second quarter has actually been extended through this Friday, November 6! You can start your application here and get started right away. Thank you for your question. :)

  5. Hi I am Becca, the school I am going to isnt online but it is too stressful for me, so I know its second quarter already but can I still join??

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