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Enrolling in iSucceed is easy. Just fill out our online application to start the process. After you complete and submit the application, you will need to submit your completed enrollment packet (listed below) to our offices, along with your enrollment documents listed in the packet. Please note the dates below to ensure you meet the enrollment deadlines. Remember, courses are FREE for full-time Idaho residents in grades 9-12. Have questions or need some assistance? iSucceed’s enrollment team is here to support you. Just give us a call!

Fall semester began: August 25, 2014

Enrollment is now closed for the Fall 2014 semester. If you are still interested in enrolling with iSucceed, enrollment for the Spring 2015 semester will begin in November.

Online Application
Enrollment Packet

Click here to download our enrollment packet after you complete the online application.

“My favorite thing about iSucceed was the flexibility of the schedule, because I was really into piano and really into music but didn’t necessarily have the time do that when I was in a brick and mortar school.” ~ Matthew, Class of 2012 Salutatorian



Thank you for applying with iSucceed!

Why You’ll Be Glad You Enrolled

  • A quality high school education (at no cost)
  • 100% flexible schedule
  • Individual attention from experienced and caring teachers
  • An accredited Idaho high school diploma
  • Many opportunities to make friends
  • Fun events: Participation in social activities, clubs, prom, and a graduation ceremony is a fun option to have
  • Free use of laptop and equipment while enrolled

Traditional schools are simply not for everyone

Many of today’s high school students find themselves needing a different kind of high school environment. We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Online high school is an innovative solution.

Our students are as unique as their reasons for pursuing a high school diploma at iSucceed. The important part is that our students are provided the opportunity to succeed. There is no limit to the types of students we can help. Following are examples of just some of our students who have broken through limitations and beaten a new path toward success.

Some of Our Students

  • Students who are home schooled and want advanced classes or subject matter support from a certified instructor, but who do not want to attend the traditional setting
  • Students who don’t function well in a large, impersonal classroom setting
  • Students who have to work
  • Students who need more challenging coursework or a faster pace
  • Students who need relief from social drama or bullying
  • Students who reach their creative peak in the evening and find it difficult to attend school in the early morning
  • Students who are challenged by health or physical issues
  • Teens who are pursuing goals in sports, entertainment, modeling, dancing, or other careers that affect regular attendance
  • High-risk students or students at risk of not successfully achieving high school graduation or equivalency
  • Overachievers who wish to graduate early or pursue additional interests
  • Students for whom English is a second language
  • Students who use iSucceed Virtual High School as the bridge that brings them back into the public school system

Going to School Online Is for You

If you…

  • Want to take your math test at midnight or in the afternoon!
  • Are a high school student who wants to transfer to a program that better suits your individual needs.
  • Need more time for your family, your work, your talents, or yourself.
  • Dropped out of high school and want to get your diploma.
  • Have an obstacle that makes brick-and-mortar public schools more challenging.
  • Would like a change from the traditional high school environment.
  • Dislike “drama.”
  • Are self-motivated and driven to succeed.
  • Want to choose when school starts every day.
  • Prefer individual attention from teachers.
  • Are a full-time Idaho resident in grades 9-12 (and under the age of 21).
  • Want to get a head start on your future.

Going to School Online Is NOT for You If You…

  • Are not ready or willing to practice time-management skills and self-direction
  • Are unable or unwilling to self-motivate (even with solid support)
  • Refuse to try
  • Are not willing to log in to your classes and acknowledge deadlines
  • Think you can graduate by doing nothing
  • Refuse to pursue or accept help when you don’t understand something important
  • Are not willing to treat peers and staff with respect
  • Believe that you’re going to hate it or fail

This last belief is your first obstacle to overcome, as it easily could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our success depends upon your success. If you are willing to try and to give it a chance, we are willing to help you.

Consider this your invitation to try something new

Online Application

In the Words of Our Students,

The BEST Thing About iSucceed is…

“Probably my favorite thing was the variety of people who attended. It wasn’t just people who were “normal” you know, everyday people, you meet a lot of different kinds of people who you wouldn’t expect.”~ Holly

“Definitely the teachers and all the staff. They made it what it was – what it is.”~ Tracy

I like the flexible schedule.” ~ Nikki

“I like the education the possibilities of a flexible schedule. I don’t have to be at school at a certain time.” ~ Kelsey

“I like it because teachers can spend more time with you and you’re not just waiting for them to come around in a class with 40 kids. You can actually get one-on-one attention.”

“I feel great. I feel free.” ~ Matthew. Saludatorian, Class of 2012, on graduation day.

“This school’s way better than normal schools. Hands down.”


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