It is FREE! It is Idaho’s online public high school It leads to an accredited Idaho diploma!

Every School Has a Story…

iSucceed’s Story Starts Right Here
With High School Students and Parents of Idaho

It is FREE! iSucceed is an online, tuition-free, public high school serving Idahoans in grades 9-12. We provide use of a free laptop and offer many free events and study labs for successfully enrolled students. And most important, iSucceed students are free to study how and where they want!

It is Idaho’s online public high school. iSucceed is 100% online and 100% about the students and their families. iSucceed students get full flexibility and freedom to balance accredited coursework with lifestyle commitments. All classes are online and lead students on a path toward graduation.

It leads to an accredited Idaho diploma! iSucceed offers a full curriculum of state-approved courses for Idaho students who want to achieve more, graduate faster, or simply succeed in their own way. iSucceed Virtual High School has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) since its inception and is recognized by the Idaho Public School Charter Commission. This means that an iSucceed diploma is recognized by colleges, universities, and employers and is as valuable as a degree from any Idaho high school.

iSucceed allows students to advance at their own pace, providing them with a flexible schedule that accommodates work or family responsibilities. Freedom of location promotes learning for all students, and computers and phones facilitate one-on-one connections with certified instructors and mentors for those who need more personalized attention. This flexible learning environment is inspirational in many ways and for many unique students. The iSucceed team is committed to working with students and parents in an ongoing partnership that serves as a high-quality educational option.

Our team consists of…

Instructors and academic advisers: Idaho-certified professionals who provide subject matter expertise for iSucceed’s online courses and academic support to students

Admissions counselors and special education coordinators: Professionals who work with Idaho families to enroll students, schedule courses, and respond to special education needs

iSucceed support staff: A staff that provides student services, fulfillment, and administrative support

You! Each student and his or her family is the most important part of the learning process

iSucceed aims to provide students the opportunity for a high-quality education to assist them in meeting their individual goals and in becoming a productive member of our society. This philosophy and mission is shared by the State of Idaho Board of Education and school districts throughout the state.

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Every Student Has a Story

Gina 019I did what I thought I couldn’t do… I graduated from high school! If it wasn’t for iSucceed being there throughout my struggles, I would have received a GED instead of an Idaho diploma.

Hi, my name is Gina, I am an iSucceed VHS graduate. I also have more than 30 medical diagnoses. I went from being a high school dropout to proud member of iSucceed’s 2010 graduating class.
I decided to drop out of high school in the fall of 2008 because traditional school, and the special education team, wasn’t working for me. At first, I decided to pursue a GED but felt a “missing part” of myself slowly fading away. Before I took the GED test, I decided to look for an online high school as an alternative.
As soon as I started my first semester at iSucceed Virtual High School, my family and I knew that I would receive a high school diploma. And in June of 2010, I did. If it wasn’t for iSucceed being there throughout my struggles, I would have received a GED instead of an Idaho diploma.
To me, and to prospective employers, a high school diploma means that I stuck with school even though it was a big struggle. It shows that I didn’t fall prey to quitting, despite unique challenges.
Today I serve on the Board of Directors at a non-profit organization called Idaho Parents Unlimited (IPUL). I also consider myself a gamer and geek, and am currently pursuing a career in the gaming industry. I’ve learned a lot, and am eager to apply and share my life lessons.

Gina, thank you for sharing your story with us, and for allowing us to provide a successful pathway for you! Sincerely, you friends at iSucceed