To provide individualized and supportive, quality educational opportunities, inspiring diverse students to succeed.

We provide a personalized, flexible, innovative, student-led/instructor-facilitated and supervised learning program, where high-school-aged students can study at their own pace, on their own schedule with instruction, supervision, and support from a team of highly-qualified, Idaho-certified instructors.

We also will provide a broad selection of online courses aligned to Idaho state standards, while supplying each student with a school laptop computer, printer, and a monthly internet stipend.


Every student deserves an opportunity to excel, “an honest and real chance to reach their potential.”

Our vision is to enable individual students to acquire the necessary life skills that will equip them for later stages in life, and to optimize learning for each student so that they can achieve their individual learning objectives. This requires an understanding of each student and his/her profile and designing a high-quality, relevant program that gives these students the best possible opportunity for academic success.

The application of technology has made the personalization of education possible. Although full-time online school is not appropriate for every student, for many, iSucceed Virtual High School can be the bridge that brings them back into the public school system or enables them to graduate by:

  • Allowing students to advance at their own pace
  • Providing schedule flexibility to accommodate work or family care responsibilities
  • Enabling freedom of location, for those who have physical challenges
  • Providing connections in a one-to-one setting with certified instructors and mentors, for those who need more personalized attention

iSucceed Virtual High School provides an excellent educational alternative for high-school-age students, throughout the State of Idaho, who for a variety of reasons, do not attend brick and mortar high schools, or who may benefit from a non-traditional school setting. iSucceed Virtual High School is available to all Idaho’s 9th-12th graders seeking an alternative academic setting, no matter what their specific life circumstances may be. iSucceed school is often recommended when traditional methods of instruction are not ideal for the individual student.

iSucceed Virtual High School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and authorized by the Idaho Public School Charter Commission.

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